Gain Exposure through Article Marketing and Press Releases

In the past few years more and more companies and IT professionals are moving towards Online Media like websites, blogs and social media sites to not only gain exposure but share their expertise. The year 2010 is very important in this respect as the IT industry is almost mature and one can observe a decent appearance of IT professionals over the Internet.

In this article I will like to share some tips with my fellow IT professionals who are willing to gain website traffic but they have less resources and much less time to invest. I have been involved with Internet Marketing industry over a couple of years and from my experience there are many near to free opportunities on the internet and yet they are highly credible and worth the effort.

Using these tactics you can not only promote your website, products and services but also you will gain loyal visitors which can later be turned into regular customers with solid marketing and monetization strategy.

Article Marketing

This is one of the oldest and yet highly profitable way of gaining website traffic. The difference between this and many other internet marketing techniques is that you will get the visitors that will be interested in your products, which is difficult otherwise.

One best website for this purpose is, this single website can send hundreds and thousands of visitors per month to your website and blog, if you use it wisely. The membership is 100% free and you do not need to spend a single penny to write and publish your articles on this site but remember not to try to spam or dodge this website or any other website like this because this is will cause you lose credibility and these websites will ban you instantly. But if you do it correctly, you will be surprised by the results.

I suggest you to sign up to and before submitting any article, spend 1-2 hours studying their help and user guides which they provide for free. This will ensure that you will not waste your time on this site. Remember, there are thousands of sites like this, but I highly recommend that you start from only and first learn the tricks of trade before diving into this strategy, if you have problems feel free to contact me.

Press Release Writing

Similar to Article Marketing is press release writing and submission – press release submission can however be paid or free, depending on the nature of results you are willing to get. If you are working for yourself or your business is just a start-up, you can safely go to the free route and enjoy the benefits of this type of submission. If you are a big brand you can use the paid service to maximize your spread of press release, but I do not recommend the paid service for novice professionals. One best solution to free press release submission is

Press Release writing is somewhat different to article writing. Like Article Marketing, effective press releases are a very clever tactic to gain media exposure for your products and services.

The field of Internet Marketing is very vast and versatile and these two methods are still tip of the iceberg, and many other effective methods can be employed to gain visitors and leads for the websites and blogs.

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Guest author  Mohsin Khawaja writes about Internet Marketing on and you can visit his blog about SEO and Internet Marketing tips. You can also write guest articles and share your tips.

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