Can You Make A Million Dollars Blogging? Yes We Can!

A few months ago, I saw a TV ad about a girl named Angela that told Microsoft about her epiphany. In the middle of the night, she jolted out of bed and thought, “I don’t wanna worry about my computer freezing… crashing… I decided to tell Microsoft about it.” And suddenly… Windows 7.

It’s quite amazing how one teenage girl can tell a huge company like Microsoft about her idea and that company actually listens and develops her idea. Thanks to Angela (Windows 7 was her idea), our computers no longer crash. I tell you this story because ideas can revolutionize our lives.

Case in point – Like Angela, I had my own epiphany. One night, in the middle of the night, I jolted out of bed with a thought, “I don’t wanna worry about commuting to work… working for the man.” That’s when I realized, I wanna make a million dollars blogging. Can we actually make a living blogging? Further, can we make a million dollars blogging? Yes, we can!

Yes, We Can!

Yes, we can! That sounds catchy doesn’t it? Has anyone ever used that phrase before? I should consider trade marking it. But never mind that; back to the story. I had an epiphany; I wanted to make a million dollars blogging. I already had a blog about lottery winners. Now, it was time to monetize it so that I could get on my way to making a million dollars blogging.

First things first, I decided to start selling affiliate offers. I chose an affiliate offer through Clickbank that I thought would be of interest to my readers. It was an eBook about a lottery system; it showed people how to win the lottery. For every sale I made, my commission would be $53.14. Now comes the tough part – How many of these lottery eBooks would I have to sell to make a million dollars and how long would it take?

The Million Dollar Calculation

The calculations are quite easy actually – 1,000,000 divided by 53.14. The answer is 18,818. That means I would need to sell 18,818 eBooks to make a million dollars blogging. Easy enough! Now, how long would it take? If the past predicts the future, it would mean that I would sell 2.25 eBooks per week (That’s how many I’ve been selling, on average, each week since I started). 18,818 divided by 2.25 equals 8,364. That means it would take me 8,364 weeks to make a million dollars blogging. That’s about 155 years.

155 years? OK, that’s not even reasonable. But I’m not worried. I just need to go back to the drawing board. Perhaps I need to monetize my blog better. Perhaps I need to get more traffic. No matter. If Angela can change the world with her Windows 7 idea, I can make a million dollars blogging. You can too. We all can. Repeat after me – Yes. We. Can.

This is a guest post by Tino Sundin, who writes about big lottery jackpot winners from around the world. You can also write a guest article and share your favorite tips.


  1. EnoggEggbert says:

    Nice article. But maybe if you had 10 e-books to sell and several other streams of income you would hit your $1M mark! Right? We’re just Eggs, so what do we know. xoxo EnoggEggbert

  2. Paul Hanna says:

    Great post gets you thinking, it is possible as long as we do our maths.
    I love reading your blog posts keep up the good work…

  3. Tony says:

    Yes, we can! Make some money blogging.

  4. abhi says:

    Yes we can do but time is the virtue. We need to wait to achieve.

  5. Mareeyah says:

    Inspiring post and a fantastic idea! I should start making ebooks too.

  6. Brandon Connell says:

    You can make that million, but you have to be persistent and consistent. Blogs for example require fresh content on a regular basis. That fresh content keeps spiders crawling which creates top 10 rankings. You will be surprised what keywords bring the readers to your blog. I have a technical blog for design, development, and marketing which gets the majority of it’s traffic from Google.

    On top of all of that, after 3 months of doing the above, you tend to rank high very easily when you post something new. It’s all because of the unique fresh content, and nothing more.

    You have to do the math though. The kind of traffic that makes the big bucks requires some serious writing. Can you write 10 articles per week at least? Then you can reach the 10,000 unique articles mark that will make your site very popular. That’s 10k doorways into your house, not including the pages and the homepage that bring in traffic. Blogging is serious business, and if updated regularly, it can be very profitable. You just have to be persistent and consistent.

  7. Swathi Reddy says:

    Interesting post.According to me if we all bloggers come to geather and share innovative ideas in forum and develop a application it is easily possible to make a million dollar blogging.

  8. Tamal Anwar says:

    This makes a lot of sense, thanks a lot Tino! I am building my business with blogs and so far I made more than $20,000 online from that blog in a lifetime. I hope to get to a spot of 1M real soon.

    Have to plan and build a strategy.

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