99c Domain Names: SuperBowl Godaddy Promo Code

Godaddy, the largest domain name registrar is selling cheap domain names for 99cents! Use the SuperBowl promo code BOWL2010 and register domain names for under a dollar.

Well technically it totals up to $1.17 as you have to add ICANN fee of 18 cents also. So does this Godaddy promo code work? Well we checked it out and it does work

godaddy 99 cents promo code

We host many domain names with Godaddy (including this one) and now these are really cheap domain names. It seems the Godaddy promo code is valid only for new domain name buys and customers will have to pay usual domain renewal fee after 1 year, which is also under $10. But I suggest you add on private registration and protect your online privacy too.

So what is with the Superbowl coupon code? It is well know that Godaddy has long been creating controversial Superbowl commercials featuring Godaddy girls; which often get listed in the most effective Super Bowl Commercials and Best Super Bowl Commercials on YouTube.

Anyways here are some tips to buy domain names successfully and manage domain names like a pro. (Found via SlickDeals)


  1. NoGOod says:

    Doesnt Work For Me

  2. Wallace says:

    Worked great, just used the coupon and it accepts credit card payment only.

  3. art says:

    doesn’t work for me either…

    so sadddddd.

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    I think it will be easiest way to search and registered domain in Godaddy.

  5. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    Doesn’t work for me either.

  6. Juegos says:

    Maybe the coupon expired today or is geographically restricted.

  7. mike says:

    Didn’t work for me.. maybe starts on Sunday? makes sense. Maybe it leaked out, they realized they didn’t want it to start yet?

  8. valentine mundea says:

    why doesnt adsense consider the acount numbers.Just asking the bank were an individual comes from and do up a bank draft.?

  9. firebird says:

    That one didn’t work for me but this one just did: GODADDY99

  10. domainer says:

    Thanks for the codes, BOWL2010 is still working..

  11. Free Business Directory says:

    Update: The promo code is no longer working.

  12. Luong N. Anh says:

    Thanks for your code , let my try now !

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