Want to Buy Chinese .cn Domain Names: Show ID Proof!

Its no longer easy to register chinese .cn domain names, as registrants are required to provide ID proof. Recent reports indicate that domain buyers are required to meet in person and confirm personal information.

As per the latest PCWorld report , the new rules require registars to meet the person and collect his photo. They also need the domain registrant to disclose site content description and if special permissions are needed. If sites do not have government records, their DNS will be terminated.

Though this policy is not yet live on the CNNIC, an earlier notification on the China Internet Network Information Center, the state network information center of China (Dec 2009) states that for maintaining accuracy of domain name registration details, applicants need to submit formal application with seal, and business license. The domain name registrar after reviewing the data, will submit it by fax or E-mail to CNNIC, and withhold the original application material. If CNNIC fails to get details within 5 days, the request will be deleted.

If you read the .cn domain name faq, you find that Chinese Domain Name are not available for individuals. So that leaves many of us out anyway. This is all part of the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology effort to create records for all Web sites in the country.

On the other hand, anyone can register the top level domains like .com, .net, .org etc. on any top domain name registrar like GoDaddy without showing any proof of identity or residence. You can also protect your identity by using private domain name registration services.

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