Microsoft SideWinder X4 Anti-Ghosting Gaming Keyboard

Microsoft Hardware has launched the SideWinder X4 Keyboard, which features advanced anti-ghosting technology for top gaming experience. Some of the key features for enhanced gaming are –

SideWinderX4 gaming keyboard

  • Anti-ghosting technology – gamers can press up to 26 keys at once and since each key is scanned independently by the keyboard hardware, each key press is correctly detected regardless of how many other keys are being pressed at the same time.
  • Programmable macro keys – Switch among three banks of six programmable macro keys to assign up to 18 macros per profile.
  • Macro recording – Record a sequence of keystrokes and string together multiple moves into one press of a button.
  • Automatic macro repetition – repeat the macro over and over as needed with one key.
  • Mode and profile switching – easy ways to customize the keyboard for different games and users. Detects the application you are running and applies your custom profile.
  • Adjustable backlighting – select the lighting level to meet gaming needs. Three illumination levels.

The SideWinder X4 Keyboard will be available in March 2010 for the estimated retail price of $59.95. You can Preorder Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard at Amazon.

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