5 Reasons You’re Not Making Money Online

As I write this article there are literally millions of people trying to make money online, sadly only less than one percent will actually make a reasonable amount. So what’s the difference between those who make it online and those who don’t?

I believe most people destroy their chance of making money online by making just a few bad decisions. In this article I highlight five of the most common areas where beginner online-entrepreneurs go wrong.

1. Lack of focus

If you are like most people you are looking to make a secondary income through your online efforts. This means you have a limited amount of time per day/week which you can dedicate to this venture. Whether you have one hour a week or ten, you can NOT afford to work on a million different things if you want to succeed.

You need to hone your focus. One great website beats ten “okay” any day.

2. Not persisting

The second most common mistake after lack of focus is giving up too soon. Things do move faster online, however a success with less than six months work is still VERY uncommon. If you want to make money online you are going to have to persist, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

3. Not listening

If you can’t do something online, search! Chances are it’s been done many times before and the solution blogged. Too many people are wasting their time reinventing the wheel when all they need to do is listen.

4. Listening too much

The opposite of the above, don’t fall into the trap of reading blog and news websites all day and not making any progress on your own websites. Blogs can be a great resource of information but try to limit your reading time to allow more “work time”.

5. Giving it all away

More and more emphasis is put on giving away our knowledge and best content to build a “strong brand” and “expert status”. However we’re trying to build a business not a charity so you need to have something to actually sell. Instead of just giving everything away without thinking, consider offering free samples and teasers to entice people to enquire about your products.

Looking at the above list are you guilty of making these mistakes? I can say for sure I’ve made the mistake of trying to work on too many projects simultaneously and it’s ended badly.

This is a guest post by Danny Cooper (dannycooper.org) who is currently experimenting with Micro Niche Finder. You can also write guest articles and share your expert tips and tricks.

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  1. Adam M. says:

    You mean it was probably a bad idea for me to start a niche blog, then forget about it, then start an open source e-commerce platform and forget about it, then start a article directory?

    Just teasing you Danny. Keep up the good work!

  2. MillionaireNet Mentor says:

    Enjoyed your article, you make some very good points, I would be interested in advertising on your site & possibly doing a joint venture with you.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    John Hammond

  3. William Marais says:

    I think ” Not persisting ” is one of the biggest killer for people trying to make money online, good article.

  4. Vivek @ InfoEduTech says:

    well it doesn’t the matter. most of them are making money from their blog either by selling their ad space or by freelancing work or by providing various services.
    it all depends on your blog content and the traffic your blog gets more the traffic on your blog more the income you generate

  5. Steve | Weight Loss Weapons says:

    Great tips Danny,

    Lack of focus is the one I think that gets me. When I first started I set up 5 sites and tried to balance them all. I couldn’t keep up with them and it showed in my income. Adding more sites to compensate for the income drop just made it worse.

    I’ve cut back to just a couple very focused blogs/sites now and it has done wonders for me (and my bank account)


  6. Rinaldi Syahran says:

    i start my blogging with good walk cause my friend tell me how to do it. yeah like you said in this post listening is important but always listening but bad in work of your blog is not good so you must balance it for the better result.

  7. Andy F says:

    Everyone has the same 24 hours in each day. Most people will waste 4-5 hours every day just watching T.V. – don’t fall into that trap. Commit to spend at least one hour (or more) each day to learning what you need to do to succeed in your online business – then do it.

  8. Chris Peterson says:

    That’s good post. Major fact is lack focus. People those are not able to earn money online mean they are not giving 100% focus in their goal.

  9. Sourish Nath says:

    i started with a blog recently which showcases my blog work basically explaining the troubles users and newbie bloggers face with their wordpress self hosted blogs and giving away them few useful tips in “How To Start A Blog” queries . This post was really useful for both me and my readers .


  10. Make Money Online says:

    I fully agree with “listening too much”. One has got to find a way to listen and do – simultaneously. It’s like the saying we talk too much and do too little.

  11. Bill R says:

    I think that lack of persistence could even be the #1 reason people don’t succeed.

    If you’re not tightly focused, but still create content 3 hours/day every day, you’ll end up with a lot of content that covers your areas of expertise and interest.

    You can develop a focus out of 2 years of persistent effort, but after 2 years of not posting content on a single, tightly focused topic you still don’t have any content.

  12. Ankit Agrawal says:

    Great article… Most of the time I waste my reading others blogs and websites… :(

  13. Money Seeker says:

    I just began four days ago. I am blogging and hubbing. I am green, a novice. Furthermore, I am trying to understand backlinking, social bookmarking. I really find surveys time consuming. I’ve yet to cash out anything, so take a moment to learn all I can!

  14. Bob says:

    I had already read this blog few months ago but i have to read this again. And i have to point out the “Listening too much” line – b’coz it really affects the way you handle your blog in general. It can redirect you to different niche which could mean lack of focus.

  15. Evanino.com says:

    This is a GREAT blog! I’m VERY impressed, I hope one day mine is as good!

    I am trying to help people to get there on-line business going, and make them money.

    Keep up the GREAT work!


  16. Orlando says:

    To add to the above, don’t get caught up in spending too much money to make money. You have to really dig and find out who is trying to scam you and what is simply a waste of money and time.

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