Download Google SEO Report Card PDF Free

Want to learn SEO from Google experts? Now you can download Google SEO Report Card, a free pdf ebook by Google for Google’s product teams with ideas on how to improve their products’ pages using simple and accepted optimizations.

Google says “These optimizations are intended to not only help search engines understand the content of our pages better, but also to improve our users’ experience when visiting our sites. Simple steps such as fixing 404s and broken links, simplifying URL choice, and providing easier-to-understand titles and snippets for our pages can benefit both users and search engines.”

seo report cardThe Google SEO Report Card project gives deep insights into the main pages of 100 different Google products, measuring them across a dozen common optimization categories. Download Google SEO Report Card (.pdf) for free and start optimizing your site for better search engine rankings.

Earlier Google has also released the Official Google SEO Started guide, an official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that covers many areas that webmasters might consider optimizing to get better Google ranking and indexing. Here are some more Google SEO tips for you.

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