How to Build Customer Trust on the Internet

It’s all about building customer trust on the Internet. Now customers are smart and know exactly what you want to sell, why you want to sell, and can see through your product flaws in minutes.

While big brands have high customer trust, new brands take a lot of time and effort to build customer trust. But once you build that trust, it is essential to maintain the trust of the customers – and your products will continue to sell as your brand grows bigger and bigger. Have you noticed why you always buy an Apple iPhone, and a new smart phone company has such a big challenge ahead to sell its mobile phones and compete with iPhone.

Build Customer Trust

Here are some key secrets to help you on customer trust on the Internet

1. Professional web design – To create a unique brand identity your site needs to have a professional web design. If you run a WordPress site, there are thousands of amazing WordPress templates and themes which can make your site stand out. You can also decide to get premium WordPress themes like Genesis and Thesis. Alternatively, if you want something really unique, you can hire a Professional theme designer, but they will cost significantly more.

2. Branded e-mail – It is always a good idea to use your default e-mail from your own domain name. While free Gmail or Yahoo mail might seem to be an easier option, it does not deliver professional branding which is required. We use Google apps to host our e-mail and send e-mail from our own domain name like

3. Testimonials – Do your customers like your product? Then it is a good idea to use the great feedback for your products and post them on your website. Nothing sells better than a product which is liked by a few real people who appreciate its features and really like what it does to make their task easier.

4. Awards – Was your product awarded at a contest? There is no harm in showing off the awards for your products as it adds credibility, and makes the buyer realise that he’s buying something which is worth the money and is liked by professional people who rated high to perform the same task you want to do.

5. Community – a lot of products sell simply by word to mouth. Build a community around your brand, which talks about a product, and spreads its benefits to larger community. Your product will sell by itself, as your dedicated community continues to promote your product, simply because they like it and want others to buy it too.

6. Professional customer support – You can have the best product in the world, but when problems happen, and they will of course happen, customers will look forward to a professional support which must be there instantly and easily available. Every product has some drawbacks and errors, but a good customer support lets customers tide over this phase.

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