Google TV Ushers in Internet HDTV, Web TV, Android TV Apps

Google TV has launched and brings in the next generation web TV, internet HDTV, Android TV apps to get the power of the internet and web browsing to your television soon. Google TV will change the way you browse the web and watch TV, by integrating both in modern HDTV and companion devices  to be released soon.

Google TV is here

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Google TV combines your TV experience with the freedom and power of the Internet. Powered by Google Chrome, access your favorite websites and watch TV together. Your TV now will do more stuff like a photo slideshow viewer, a gaming console, a music player etc. Google TV powered search will let  you to easily browse television channels, websites, apps, shows and movies. Since Google TV is built on open platforms like Android and Google Chrome, developers can design Android apps for Google TV and also start optimizing websites for Google TV.

As Apple TV continues to offer a great selection of HD movies on demand, some wonder if Apple has not tapped the Apple TV potential fully. Of course there are more services to get you free internet TV right now.

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Sony Internet TV has launched the next generation smart HDTV, powered by Intel Inside, that makes searching for content faster and simpler than ever before and allows you to watch a huge custom library of Web content and TV apps. Logitech is putting together a companion box that will connect your HDTV to everything the Google TV experience offers.  

Google is working hard to integrate Google TV inside HDTV televisions, Blu-ray players and companion boxes, which will go on sale at Best Buy stores in US this fall.

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