How to Add India Rupee Font Symbol in Blog Posts

I am sure you want to insert the new India Rupee font symbols Rs. in your WordPress blog posts. You can download Rupee font or use the Rupee font installer, and it would display well in your Microsoft Word documents, but if you try the same in your blog posts it would not work.

RupeeAfter the Indian Government approved the new Indian currency symbol, many services are actively working to integrate the rupee font online. WebRupee has introduced a Web API for the Rupee symbol font which provides a simple, cross browser method for using the Rupee symbol on your webpage, blog or anywhere on the web.

Javascript Method to Add Rs. Rupee Font Symbol

This the best automated method. Simply cut and paste the javascript code below to your website footer file and it will convert ALL Rs symbols to Rs. Rupee font symbols on all your blog posts.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

CSS Method to Add Rs. Rupee Font Symbol

If javascript is not your style, then simply cut and paste the stylesheet code below to your website <head> area and it will convert all Rs symbols to Rupee font symbols wherever the span tags are found around the Rs text

Add this CSS stylesheet

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

Wherever you want to convert the Rs. –  add the span tags and use the Webrupee class to call the CSS.

<span class="WebRupee">Rs.</span>

How do we implement Rs. Rupee Symbol on our site?

Since we have limited use of the Rupee symbol on our WordPress blog, we don’t want to load javascript or call external stylesheets on all pages.

We pasted the CSS and span code on selected articles like this in html format, and you can see the Rs. symbol right now working on this post.

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