See the New Indian Rupee Symbol

News reports indicate the Government of India officially selected a new Indian rupee symbol. Now like the US dollar, UK pound, Japanese Yen, Euro; the Indian rupee can also boast of its very own symbol instead of being written as Rs.

india rupee symbolThe new symbol is a blend of the Devanagari ‘र’ and the Roman capital ‘R’ without the stem. The parallel lines at the top (with white space between them) make an allusion to the tricolor Indian flag and they also depict an equality sign which symbolizes the nation’s desire to reduce economic disparity.

In an open contest held by the Finance Ministry, 5 symbols were short listed and the winner was the Indian rupee symbol created by IIT alumnus D Udaya Kumar. This will avoid confusion with similar rupee currency of Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. and give an international identity to the Indian rupee.

How will we type the new Indian rupee symbol on a computer?

Update: Download India Rupee font for free.

Update: You can download Rupee font installer free here.

Update: How to Add India Rupee Font Symbol in Blog Posts


  1. Siddanth says:

    This logo looks cool read in the papers today.

  2. lunaticg says:

    Is this means India will have a new banknote coming out soon?

  3. vasaviassociate says:

    we need to download the rupee symbol in our key board (thoshiba lap top)and also inform as in which key we have to operate new indian rupee symbol so that we can send forther correspondence to our company’s by using ours sysmbol

  4. Irfan says:

    Nopes, you can take it similar to a Dollar symbol.

  5. Rupam Guha says:

    To write the Indian Rupee Symbol launch Microsoft Word, change the document font to Arial or Tahoma, and type 20B9 followed by Alt-x.

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