Download Rupee Font Installer Free

Want to use India Rupee font in your documents? Download Rupee font installer, and it will install the rupee font in a few clicks for instant use on your Word documents.

Download and Install Rupee Font

1. Download the latest rupee font zip file (.rar) created by Foradian labs and open with any free unzip software like 7-zip

rupee-font zip file

2. Click on the Rupee_Font_Installer.exe file and allow the installation to continue. Agree to install.


3. Once the font  is installed, the restart is not required.

rupee font installer

4. Open Microsoft Word, and select the rupee Foradian font in the dropdown menu.

rupee font

5. Click the ` key (above the Tab key) and the Rupee symbol will be printed.

indian rupee print

Windows Rupee Font Installation

Alternatively, you can extract the Rupee_Foradian.ttf file from the zip file to your desktop, right click and Install Font in 1-click.

Install rupee font

Update: How to Add India Rupee Font Symbol in Blog Posts


  1. Michelle says:

    Hmmm..I like the fonts…btw I have question @Fonts..once the font file is copied to their respective folders would I able to make use of them in Paint? Thanks

  2. Prashant says:

    its really great. globlisation of india currency

  3. ami says:

    How this work in adobe photoshop?

  4. ami says:

    open MS Word and try it again, I am sure you can do it

  5. Sumit says:

    Thanx,It is working properly.

  6. sundip says:

    i am trying lot of times but i con’t download this Rs font please if possible send me thru email. it help me lot. thanks

  7. joy says:

    How this work in adobe photoshop?

  8. joy says:

    did we get it in tally

  9. Charanjeet Mehan says:

    Easy to download and install. Thank you.

  10. Babu says:

    Its looks so nice when compared to old symbol.

  11. Manchi says:

    Hi can any body tell me how to make use of the font in .PPT, I dont see it in the fonts drop down

  12. Ashish Kumar Bhattacharjee says:

    excellent font software.

  13. Mandeep says:

    That’s really great. This has solved many problems for me. too good we can use our currency symbol easily now!

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