Download Indian Rupee Font Free

The new Indian Rupee symbol is officially accepted and now download India Rupee font for your documents. Typing the Re or Rs text is no longer a good idea as India now has its own Rupee symbol and fonts have been developed for universal usage.

How to Download and Install Rupee Font

Indian rupee font

Fordian Technologies has created a new Indian rupee font for free download. You need to start by downloading the .ttf Rupee font file.  Download Rupee font (.ttf)

This will download a .ttf file which you will need to install in your computer ‘Fonts’ folder. This is typically located in C: /Windows/Fonts. If your version of Windows differs, simply search ‘Fonts’  from the Windows key, click on the Fonts folder and drag the .ttf file to the folder (In Windows Vista – Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts)

install rupee font

How to Choose Rupee Font in in Microsoft Word?
In the Font selection > select “Rupee” font from the drop down list of your fonts

rupee font

How to type the Rupee symbol?  
Its easy to type the Rs font. The grave accent symbol is used. It is ` key (the key just above “tab” button in your keyboard) is used to type the new Rupee symbol.

grave accent key

Update: You can download Rupee font installer free here.

Update: How to Add India Rupee Font Symbol in Blog Posts

Update: Now get a dedicated Indian rupee keyboard key too.

Still using Rs? Download Rs symbol font and use the new symbol for Indian currency in your publications and daily use.