Now Google Live Search Results Faster Than You Can Type

Google just keeps getting faster. Now some users have see Google live search results as you type search term queries in the Google search box.

This is different from Google suggest where Google suggests search terms as you type. Here the entire Google search result page changes as you type. See the video below to get an idea.

Now its a race if you can type faster or Google can search faster. And I think Google is winning this. Do you see this feature live on your Google page?

Update: Google officially released this feature as Google Instant.


  1. Julian says:

    it seems Google has better cache for popular search queries today…

  2. Peter J says:

    ohhhh, this is going to get interesting on googles side :P

  3. Niks says:

    This seems to be interesting and shows power of google technology. But I guess this is going too far and is not required and may be irritating sometimes. Lets see how well it goes with users.

  4. Jessy says:

    I can see where this could be a good thing. It is almost like they know what I am thinking. The problem I see with them being this fast is that they may put search results that you are not wanting instead of what you may want. I hope that they do not control everything in my life. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  5. Luke says:

    I have this feature enabled on my Google homepage.
    It works really well…but i still press enter after searching. It’s just the habit.

    But yeah, it’s very quick.

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