Download Cloudmagic for Instant Gmail Search

Want to try Instant Gmail Search? Well Gmail Instant Search just became a reality thanks to Cloudmagic, a cool Chrome add on which will change the way you search Gmail.

CloudMagic Instant Gmail Search

CloudMagic creates a search index of your online data on your local hard disk. Only the relevant text data is indexed so the size of the index is only a fraction of your total data, which means, they don’t index attachments, images or any binary (non-text) data. CloudMagic automatically updates the search index as long as the browser is running. Since CloudMagic indexes the data completely in your hard-disk, you don’t need to store or transfer passwords with any 3rd party servers

Currently Cloudmagic works for Gmail and Google Apps email only on Chrome and Firefox browsers. CloudMagic also searches between multiple accounts. Watch Gmail Instant Search in the video below.

When Robert Scoble decides to interview Rohit Nadhani, you know Cloudmagic is ready to shake up Gmail Search. Watch the interview below.

My only concern was logging in on CloudMagic with my Gmail password, but the FAQ reveals they store your password and data locally, similar to a regular desktop email client like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.

Download Cloudmagic for Chrome, Firefox, Mac. Cloudmagic is getting ready to add Salesforce, Google Docs, and LinkedIn support. There are lot of Instant Search tools going live right now and I am sure Gmail is figuring out a way to incorporate Cloudmagic functionality on their own.

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