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Convert Your LinkedIn Profile to Resumes Easily

Now you can apply for jobs and turn your LinkedIn Profile into Resume in seconds using the new LinkedIn Resume Builder. Pick a resume template, customize the content, and print and share the result with your employers and job applications.

linkedin resume

First you need to sign into LinkedIn. Then choose a resume template that  suits your style like classic, modern, business, executive, law etc. Your resume content is automatically fetched from your LinkedIn profile. You can customize it and  also pick which sections (summary, specialties, experience, education, etc) you wish to include and in what order. See some sample resumes here and here.

After your resume is finalized, then you can export your resume as a PDF and print it any time. Your resume gets a custom link – so  you can share it with others via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Now everyone has a LinkedIn profile, why not try to create your resume right now.

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  1. Resume template says:

    Thanks for ur Sample resumes, have never seen such a pleasing resumes, am sure they will help me in preparing a challenging resume

  2. Julian says:

    gonna try it

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