How to Disable / Remove WordPress Admin Bar

How can you disable or remove WordPress Admin bar? WordPress 3.1 has launched this obtrusive WordPress Admin Bar to help WordPress bloggers easily access common blogging tasks via an easy drop down menu.

WordPress Admin Bar

wordpress admin bar

This is how it looks like when live on our site. I browsed around many WordPress  menus, but could eventually find a way to disable the WordPress admin bar.

Disable / Remove WordPress Admin Bar

I found the options are built in. Go to Users > Your Profile > Show Admin Bar

show admin bar

But I realized that this simply disables the admin bar in the users WordPress theme and many WordPress plugins have come up modify, minimize, relocate or disable the WordPress admin bar.

  • Disable Wp Admin Bar Removal – Completely disables Frontend and Backend Menu that now appears on the WordPress 3.1 based blogs, plus helps to remove code and get more free memory.
  • Global Hide Admin ToolBar – Easily add a global option to hide/remove the new Admin bar in WP 3.1+. Adds an option to the Settings Menu to globally turn off the Admin Bar and/or turn off the user option in the profile to show admin bar.
  • WP Custom Admin Bar – Added control of your Admin Bar. Disable it, show it to certian user levels and modify the styling. This gives you options to change who sees the Admin Bar based on their user role, change or override the default styling and remove the Admin Bar altogether.
  • Admin Bar Disabler – Disable the WP Admin Bar in 3.1+ entirely, or only for roles and capabilities which aren’t in the ‘whitelist’ or ‘blacklist’. This plugin supports both Per-Site and Per-Network (WordPress Multisite) settings, so you can fine tune your options based on your needs.
  • Hide Admin Bar Search – Small plugin to hide the search box in the admin bar in both dashboard and site views.

Minimize WordPress Admin Bar

Admin Bar Minimiser – an easy way to minimise the new WordPress 3.1 admin bar at the click of a button! The Plugin works by allowing you to minimise the admin bar from view via a single click! And you can bring it back just as easily. This also works for the admin bar displayed on the WordPress back end too.

Relocate WordPress Admin Bar

Stick Admin Bar To Bottom – Annoyed by the new Admin Bar that is covering the top 28 pixels of your website, but you don’t want it completely gone? This plugin sticks the Admin Bar to the bottom of your screen!


  1. Thomas says:

    So I’m not the only one who thinks this thing is obnoxious?

  2. Mysoft101 says:

    I actually have the opposite problem: I can’t get the admin bar to display on my site! The 28px margin is added to the top of the page when I am logged in, but nothing is displayed there — it’s just blank space. Any ideas? I think it has to be a problem with my theme, but don’t know where to start looking…

  3. AJ Clarke says:

    I actually find it a bit useful. :)

  4. Marc says:

    I too find the bar extremely irritating, being a WP theme developer I have absolutely no use for it at all, although I can see how helpful it can be to some people, just not me.

    Thanks for this post ;)

  5. Swamykant says:

    I too feel that the Admin bar is very useful.

    “Stick Admin Bar To Bottom ” is good idea. Thanks for share.

  6. Christopher says:

    I find it bulky and ugly, I get why the people behind like it there but personally I’m glad there’s a way to quickly turn it off.

  7. Kevin Newman says:

    You only need one line of code in functions.php to turn the bar off for all users



    WordPress Source

  8. Binh says:

    It’s not annoying, in fact very useful. But it seem to eat up some resource so I decided to turn it off.

    The most valuable thing is the built-in option. The plugins are useful to disable the admin bar for all user though.

    Thank you for sharing all those.


  9. head1ess says:

    Thanks very much Kevin Newman,

    really easy fix, my point is I really dont understand why anyone would want this ugly grey unformatted box anywhere near their site?

    But isn’t anyone really annoyed at wordpress adding this without giving the option to turn off globally not just individually for users?

    Add a plugin? another? why do we have to! c’mon guys let them know its naff.

    Thanks again kev

  10. web hosting says:

    I feel the admin bar is a cool feature. Its non intrusive. Don’t like it logoff from the admin panel.

  11. Jasmine says:

    I find the admin bar annoying too! Thanks for the tips, now I know how to remove it. :)

  12. Frank Haywood says:

    This is a bit of a faux pas made by the WP development team. I see this kind of poorly thought out design mistake made time and time again by young developers.

    The admin bar should be OFF by default for all users, not ON by default.

    Then no-one would have a gripe with it. Maybe they’ll have sense to do this in the next bug fix release.

    -Frank Haywood

  13. Rami says:

    For those of you who are looking for a quick fix without a plugin, open you functions.php, add this line inside your THEME_NAME_setup:


    so if you are using twentyten for example :

    it would be

    function twentyten_setup() {

    //Disable the admin bar

  14. Katie @ Women Magazine says:

    Simply write this add_filter( 'show_admin_bar', '__return_false' ); in your theme’s function.php file to get rid of Admin bar.

    No need to hack or do anything geeky :)

  15. I Design Blogs says:

    Thanks, that was simple and it worked!

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