7 Best Tools to Create Comic Strips Online

Here are the 7 best tools, services, generators to create Comic Strips online. Get creative with a comic strip creation sites that requires no artistic prowess at all.

comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or to put views as a graphic novel. It’s filled with biting sarcasm. Cartoons and comics have been a feature in print media for hundreds of years. They’ve taken many different forms from political statements to funny gags to chuckle at as you slurp your morning coffee.

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Comics have also been used to address social issues as well. They have done so over the years and while having controversial story lines they have helped to raise awareness about important issues. A comic can be an easy way to put your views (or make a joke easily!) and grab readers attention. If you can make your visitor smile, all the better. An engaged, smiling visitor will crawl longer and will be more likely to remember you.

Where you can use comic strips?

  • Blog posts: Comic strip enhance posts in any number of ways including by giving posts a visual point of interest, grabbing attention, engaging the emotions and senses of readers and giving posts more authority.
  • Friends: Make your girl friend (or friend) laugh pointing out your last funny conversation in the comic.
  • Presentations: Use comic strips in your PowerPoint presentations and make it outstanding.

Share comics with your Facebook friends as a wall-post depicting your status (status messages).

Create Comic Strips Online

Here I have mentioned few online apps (websites) which let you generate your very own unique comic strips. These sites helps you building and share comics strips in no time. The cool part is you don’t need any talent as an artist or comedian.

1. StripGenerator: Online Comic Strip Creator. Creating strips could not be made easier, all you have to do is grab the items you want to use from the menu and drop on to the frame. You can add unique human characters, beings, objects, shapes and speech bubbles. Scale them, rotate, add colors, add/remove frames and more. Once your comic strip is ready you can print it out or share it with others by publishing it online.

2. BitMoji: Easily Create Cool Comic Strips Online. It is a fun online comic maker tool which would work great for those who love to read comics, because this tool will give them a chance to star themselves in a self-created online comics. This website lets you create original comic strips from a collection of pre-made characters which can be easily added to the comics. You can then add text in talk bubbles or balloons and create your own story line thus making an entertaining comic strip.

3. Pixton : Create your own Comic Strips in No Time. Build and share comics strips in no time. The cool thing about Pixton is how easy it is to create a comic here. There is no drawing involved, all comic characters are created by choosing from the preset set of attributes and expressions, i.e. comic hair and skin color, height and girth, body parts etc..

4. Marvel Superhero Squad “Create Your Own Comic”. Most comic book fans have a comic book idea of their own. If you are such a fan then the internet has countless resources that will help you. The Superhero Squad’s “Create Your Own Comic” is one online tool that will do a competent job of creating your own comic strip or book.

5. ToonDoo.com: Online Comic Strips Creator. ToonDoo is a place to create funny comic strips and showcase your imagination and creativity. Create caricatures, share them with others, browse through hundreds of cartoon strips created by others, put favorite strips on your blog, and more.

6. Dilbert.com : Create your Dilbert Comic Strips. Dilbert is well known to many as the website for daily comic strips by Scott Adams has relaunched and turned into a community focused around comic strips. Users are now able to “mash” or “edit” an original Dilbert comic by adding their own punch lines. Each comic can have several communty-contributed strips forming a comic list. Pretty cool idea.

7. ComicMaster.org.uk: Create a Graphic Novel Online & Print. Today graphic novels are more popular than ever. Mixing great dialogue and plot with brilliant drawing and visuals keeps the reader engaged and entertained. If you are an aspiring graphic novelist, one tool you might find helpful is Comic Master.

So whats your plan , how you gonna bring humor? Hope you will comment with links to comic strips created by you.

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