Amazon Starts Countdown to Black Friday Deals

Amazon has started Black Friday countdown deals everyday to build traffic to their Black Friday Deals page. Black Friday is the best day to get amazing deals on gadgets, electronics, computer accessories, laptops, HDTV et cetera. Thousands of people prepare and line up in front of their favourite shops and stores to grab these Black Friday deals, to get their most wanted gadget at the cheapest price ever. are counting down to Black Friday Deals Week with more deals, all day, every day. Now customers a chance to get great deals everyday.

black friday countdown

Right now only 1 offer is live and presenting teasers for upcoming deals every few hours. If you keep checking the Black Friday deals page, you might grab a great deal and good sale price even before Black Friday.

black friday deals

Amazon will start off  Black Friday Deals Week on Monday, November 21, and have Black Friday deals and sales all day, every day that week, including Black Friday itself on the day after Thanksgiving. They will also start Cyber Monday deals on November 27, the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

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