New Google Bar [Video]

Google has introduced the Google Bar, a new design element which Google will add eventually to all Google properties. The Google bar has made its first appearance on Google plus where you earlier had the Black Google bar on top of Google plus.  The black navbar which shows the navigation menu and the Google+ links and alerts will go away and instead an integrated design across all Google properties on top will serve like an integrated navigation menu.

google bar

This is more in line with the clean Google design and looks much better than the Black navigation bar, which was a misfit to the clean white Google design. I dont see it live on my Google services right now, but the video below shows how it will look like.

It is good idea that Google is redesigning all its properties, and putting the clean and usable navigation system, which will help in better branding and better navigation by users, which will eventually lead to more page views and more engagement with Google websites.  Do you like the new Google Bar?

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