How to Convert Walls to Whiteboards [Videos]

Would it not be nice you could convert any wall into a Whiteboard. Well, WhiteyBoard has cool stickons and special paints which will help you create whiteboards on any wall you like.


whitey paint

WhiteyPaint is a cool dry erase paint, which when applied in 3 coats and allowed to set over 12 hours can convert any wall into a whiteboard. The wall color stays same, but you can easily write over it using a dry erase marker and easily wipe it away too. Costs $75 only.

See WhiteyPaint in action


WhiteyBoard is a whiteboard sticker that can stick to any flat surface and allow you to add a whiteboard of any size to any wall and easily write with a Whiteboard marker pen. Easy Peel, stick and write in 3 steps. They are also now popularly known as dry-erase boards, pen-boards, dry erase adhesive stickers, and marker boards. Starts at $1 depending on the size.

See the WhiteyBoard in action

I really like these Whiteboard concepts. How about you?

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