Buy Google Doodles Products: Google Logos on Tshirts, Mugs

Google has tied up with Zazzle to launch the Google Doodles Store where you can buy Google Doodle products, which is a huge collection of Google Doodles on mugs, Tshirts, bumper stickers, custom stamps, cards, posters, bags and much more.

Google Doodles Store

google doodle tshirt girlGoogle Doodles are the amazing Google Logos you find changing on Google sites everyday. Visit the Google Doodle Store on Zazzle ( and choose from a huge range of Google Doodles arranged by year and labeled by event the Google logo represented on that day.  You can also browse the new Google Doodle website and to find your favorite Google logo to put on your Tshirt or mug or any other branded merchandise.

Use the coupon code GOOGLEDOODLE at checkout and get 20% discount on most products. Offer ends on December 31, 2011.

doodle store products

See how Dennis Hwang creates the Google Doodles…

Recently Google created an Indian Independence day doodle, and now you can get any such Doodle on any product you like.  Which Doodle are you getting on your Tshirt?

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