Google Ends Search Traffic to Parked Domain Names

A new Google algorithm update reduces Google traffic to parked domain names. Many domainers and webmasters usually park hundreds of keyword rich domain names and monetize them through advertising programs like GoDaddy Cash Parking and Google Adsense for Domains.

Google Search has revealed that this new update brings in a new classifier which will automatically detect parked domains, which are usually filled with ads and offer no useful content to visitors.

A parked domain name displays a temporary web page when people type your domain name in a web browser. People usually park domain names till they decide to create a website, find a hosting provider, or simply to hold and sell domain names later. Till then most decide to make money online with the page, which might draw some Google traffic at least.

godaddy cashparking

If you look around at parked domain names, typically they are keyword rich for targeting specific traffic and have no useful content. Moreover, while the domain is parked, domain owners decide to install advertising programs, which also brings in advertising revenue on the side. Since the parked domain page is full of ads only, there is a high chance the visitor who reaches such a page will click through and make money for the domain owner.

Many domain name registrars offer domain parking monetization services. GoDaddy Cash Parking is a service from Godaddy domain registrar, which displays ads on parked domains and domain owners can earn 60-80% of the ad revenue. They charge $4-$5 per month for the basic plan service. Google Adsense for Domains is another free popular program by Google, where domain owners can display Adsense ads on their parked domain names to earn free money.

Now Google is set to change all that … and parked domain names will get much lower search engine traffic it seems. This will seriously affect all domain parking income for people who target this monetization strategy.  What are your thoughts?


  1. Jackson says:

    Nice work Google :)

  2. Worli says:

    Many advertisers don’t realize that some of their AdWords campaign ads go into parked domains. Since the pages on these domain sites have no content,user most likely to click on ads.

    Your ads showing up on parked domains may be a waste of advertising money and may also give you poor conversion rate.

  3. Bill says:

    It’s tough to argue with Google on this decision. Parked pages are pretty useless and don’t add any value. No big surprise.

  4. Madhav Tripathi says:

    This is one very good news and very good step by Google. Parked pages must be outranked. There is no need of parked pages.

  5. Eddie Gear says:

    I guess that would bring an end to all those crazy people who block domains in bulk. This should increase availability of more domain names.

  6. Top says:

    Regarding Google’s algorithm change, it wasn’t a big deal. It allows them to simply find parked domains easier. They’ve been delisting parked pages for quite some time now and parking has been on the decline for years, so there’s no news there – they’ll just be hitting more of them now. Parked pages haven’t been able to secure major rankings for 3+ years now except for extremely rare cases. In that time, no one familiar with domains and parking has been expecting to buy domains, park them, get search traffic and become rich – anyone who has didn’t do their homework first.

  7. Jay says:

    Parked domains are only good if you have very good EMD domains that are no more than 3 words in my opinion.

    Then you can make some decent cash by people typing in your domain and landing on your parked pages.

    Personally I think it is better to flip them for a profit, or turn them into money making websites, and blogs.

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