How to Buy One Share of Any Company Easily

Do you want to buy one share of any company like Apple, Facebook, Dell, Adobe etc. in a few minutes with a credit card! Some web services make it easy for you to buy stock of any reputed company from the stock market without going into the paperwork hassles, and actually owning real company stock in a few minutes.

Buy One Share

Give a Share and One Share are stock buying services which can help you to buy one stock certificate easily. If you are a shareholder with even one share of the company, you form part of the ownership of the company and have all the shareholder rights similar to any shareholder who has 1 million shares, like getting annual reports, having voting rights, and getting invitations to the annual shareholder meetings!

Facebook stock

The heavily anticipated Facebook IPO released expected on May 18 with the eagerly awaited final Facebook share price has brought many such one share transaction services into the limelight as fans of these companies can buy one share and actually get a feeling of ownership of the company without going through a stockbroker or having a brokerage account. It actually makes a great gift option also.

What these one share buying services will do is that they will buy the shares on your behalf, and will then give you custom framing options, different ceremonial font designs to celebrate your first stock, with gift wrapping options since it actually makes a great gift too. Remember this is an actual stock certificate and its value will change as the stock price changes in the stock market. Because of this reason the price at which you buy shares of different companies will vary, depending on the last closing stock price in the stock market.

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