Hire Facebook Girlfriends for $5

Did you know you can rent or hire Facebook girlfriends? Did the hot girlfriend on Facebook your nerd friend chatted with surprise you? Did this girlfriend post lovely messages adoring your friend, and showing how romantic he was?

Facebook Girlfriends


Well it seems this trend is catching on and people are hiring Facebook girlfriends for as low as five dollars at gig sites like Fiverr. The usual deal is that for five dollars, the Facebook girlfriend will post on your Facebook Page for seven days. Some more generous offers will get you a Facebook girlfriend for 10 to 14 days as well. Since the profiles show the country from which these girls are registered, you can choose girlfriends from the country of your choice.

facebook girlfriends

What will these virtual Facebook girlfriends do? By paying the money, they’ll post a few comments on your Facebook page. You can decide what comment to post, and what topic to post about. They can post flirty messages, cute pictures whatever you like for the period of the gig. They will even update their Facebook relationship status. Since there are a variety of offers available, you might want to choose which deal is the best for you.

Why Need Facebook Girlfriends

If you don’t have a girlfriend, it would be a good way to show off to your friends that you have a hot girlfriend on Facebook and make them jealous. I guess this would work best on Valentine’s Day if you’re still single.

If you have an ex-girlfriend, you might want to make her jealous and show off your new Facebook girlfriend. If you have a girlfriend, then you might want to think why you need to make her jealous by love comments from your new girlfriend on Facebook!

Disadvantages of Facebook Girlfriends

Firstly, your Facebook girlfriend will disappear after the week you paid for the gig. So if you want the jealousy game to continue, you will have to keep paying up for the deal. Secondly, you might be shocked to find the same Facebook girlfriend dating your close friend who bought the same deal!


  1. Vikas Sindher says:

    Who needs to show off a FAKE VIRTUAL Relationship?

  2. Brad says:

    This is a little phony, must be the same for the people who buy this gig. THat or desperate. Let’s be honest, if your friends know who you really are, then they know all about you, and probably that your single.

  3. Global Image Service says:

    I can get real girlfriend[s] for 5 buck..LOL

  4. CYNAMIX says:

    I will get a real girlfriend at no cost. She would even do more on Facebook than the virtual one. People will still do it anyway. That’s the world we live in.

  5. shivam says:

    hire a G.F….!!……..this looks funny……… lol :D

  6. weblurker says:

    Sounds crazy but I’m sure that many people is still doing this..LoL

  7. Alex Cardo says:

    I’ve never know that some girls can be rented in the Internet for a FB likes. I have my true hot girlfriend, but I’ve never used her to promote my sites. This is a good idea of course, but anyway I think that we need to be clear to our readers when we’re promoting our projects. Anyway, thanks for a useful information.

  8. Ranjit J Deore says:

    hahaha. This is funny :P If nothing at all, you can always make your friends jealous for a small amount which I think will be worth if they get really jealous :D

  9. Apeksha Khanna says:

    There is no use of fake girlfriends guys. Internet is giving a wrong meaning to relationships.

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