New York Rejection Line: Reject Potential Dates at 212-479-7990

Rejection Line started in New York with the single official New York Rejection Line Phone number 212-479-7990. When someone asks your telephone number to woo and date you, give them this number and Rejection line will give them a recorded rebuff. They have an extensive collection of rejection recordings in mp3. They provide these premium rejection services completely free of charge!!

The press review section shows an interesting potrayal of this service. On similar lines, several copycat phone rejection lines have started in different parts of US.
Oakland: 510-699-5412
San Jose: 408-344-9412
and the list goes on…..

Even UK is joining in –
England: 09061 100 596
Dublin, Ireland: (+353) (01) 2194862
See the Complete list

Send them your rejection number and they will post it to their list. Non-commercial rejection lines are permitted, but ensue they are funny and not just mean.

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