Rejection Hotline Numbers to Reject Potential Dates [2023]

Rejection hotline numbers are phone numbers that people can call to receive a recorded message rejecting them, often in a humorous or sarcastic way. These numbers are typically set up as a joke or prank and are not intended to be used as a serious means of rejecting someone.

Girls found this as an easy way to give a fake number to pushy boyfriends who would not take a hint of no for an answer.

What is Rejection hotline number?

rejection hotline

Typically a girl would give a fake number which would be the number of the rejection Hotline. When he would dial the rejection Hotline number, a funny tune would play and it would be revealed that the girl did not want to disclose her real phone number.

Rejection hotlines were very popular years back when mobile phones and other social media tools like Whatsapp were not available so landline numbers were the common way to contact people.

Rejection Hotline Sample Voice

Here is an mp3 embed of the original rejection hotline number, see what happen if you called it!

Rejection Hotline Numbers

Original Rejection Line started in New York with the single official New York Rejection Line Phone number 212-479-7990. When someone asks your telephone number to woo and date you, give them this number, and the Rejection line will give them a recorded rebuff. They had an extensive collection of rejection recordings in mp3. They even provided these premium rejection services completely free of charge!! The press review section shows an interesting portrayal of this service.

On similar lines, several different phone rejection lines and humor hotlines started in different parts of the US.
Oakland: 510-699-5412
San Jose: 408-344-9412
and the list goes on for ….. Colorado, Chicago, Utah, Houston, California, Florida

Some named ones here …
Stranger Things – 618-625-8313 (Southern Illinois)
Santa’s Personal Hotline – 951-262-3062 (Southern California)

Even UK is joining in –
England: 09061 100 596
Dublin, Ireland: (+353) (01) 2194862

Australia – 0406 650 430 – TheRejectionLine

Send them your rejection number and they will post it to their list. Non-commercial rejection lines are permitted but ensure they are funny and not just mean.

646 926-6614: The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline -This one will say  …you have made a woman feel unsafe and/or disrespected. Please learn to take no for an answer and respect women’s emotional and physical autonomy.”

Rejection Hotline 2022: Call 605–475–6968

Update: Most of these funny rejection hotlines have shut down. I now found a new Rejection Hotline at 605–475–6968 as well. It calls itself to version 2.0 as it handles both calls and text messages. Earlier calls to landline phones only heard the audio messages. Now with mobile phones being popular, rejection text messages will also be sent back.

All in all –  If you need to reject someone or end a relationship, it’s important to do so in a respectful and considerate manner, rather than relying on a joke or prank.

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