Free Online Scientific Calculator by Google

Now solve complex maths problems with free online scientific calculator in Google search results! Google has an inbuilt calculator in its search results for a long time. So earlier if you typed simple maths problems like 2+2 or  10-2, Google search would give you an instant calculation result. Now Google has gone further and added an online scientific calculator.

Free Online Scientific Calculator

I remember looking up free online scientific calculator tools for my mathematics projects in the early years. Some calculators were good, but with the introduction of an easy scientific calculator in Google search, this will beat all those tools easily.

The earlier simple Google calculator results is no longer there now. Instead whenever you type any mathematical problem, Google displays the scientific calculator online every time.

Google online scientific calculator

In this example you will appreciate that as soon as I type 5+5 in the Google URL bar, immediately the scientific calculator appears with your result, and the best advantage of featuring the calculator online right now with the result is that you can now solve further math problems and continue using Google as a free online calculator. Compare that to earlier when you just got the result of your maths search query.

Google has extended the power and usability of its new online calculator to desktop voice search as well as the Google Mobile search. With this simple service, Google just signaled the end of my favourite Casio scientific calculator, and made it obsolete.

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