Embedding Google+ Comments on Websites Needed

It is essential that Google+ launch the ability to embed Google+ comments on websites and blogs as soon as possible to enhance the reach of Google plus and take it to the next level. Facebook comments on websites worked for Facebook really well.

Facebook Comments Increase Followers  – I have been really impressed by the use of Facebook comments on our website (see below) as it has helped us to increase the reach of our blog to a large number of Facebook users which would have not been possible without Facebook comments being tightly integrated into our blog comments.

An important reason we have 10,000+ Facebook followers is that Facebook closely integrates the Facebook likes on our articles with the Facebook news feeds of people who follow and like our blog. This interaction on our blog as well as the newsfeed of the Facebook user, helps to expose our content to a larger audience of their Facebook friends, who might also decide to join in and follow the site. In fact some sites like Techcrunch now have exclusively shifted to Facebook Comments.

Commenting Systems Use Google+ – Popular commenting systems like Disqus, power their comments with social account logins from multiple popular services like Facebook, Twitter and now even incorporates Google+. If third party services can use the power of Google+, then its high time they launched their own comments.

disqus googleplus comments

Embed Google+ Comments

Beautiful Google+ Interface –  Google plus users will agree that it has a beautiful interface, with nice alignment of profile images and images. The power of sharing and +1 can be tightly integates with website Google+pages and user profiles. It is essential that Google plus leverage this important component of Google plus comments and allows site owners and bloggers to integrate Google plus into their sites. They also need to increase the 500 comments limit.

Here is what the Google+ comments look like … imagine that on your site. I shall be most happy to replace my WordPress comments with that.

google plus comments

Most Sites host the Google+ Scripts – The hope of higher search engine rankings with +1 buttons, has encouraged most webmasters to include the Google +1 buttons and Google +1 badges on their sites. Since the Google +1 script is already live in the footer of most websites, adding Google plus comments should not be difficult as it basically involves just an addition of an extra code in the comment area of websites.

Already Logged in Google Users – There are millions of Google users always logged into Gmail, youtube, and a whole range Google services. In fact they claim there are 400 million Google+ users! So they need no extra effort to login to your comments. The tight integration of Google plus across websites and Google profiles, powered by the already logged in users who visit your site, will lead not only to increase popularity of your website but will also lead to an exponential increase in Google+1 clicks across the Internet.

Google+ is working on Google+ verified pages and better branded custom short vanity Google+ urls and  connecting websites with Google+. So I am sure Google plus is preparing to launch Google plus comments soon. Facebook comments changed the game for Facebook and brought in a whole new way to integrate Facebook into websites. I really look forward to integrating Google plus comments into our blog.

Update April 2013 – Google has introduced Google+ comments for Blogger blogs. Get it now.


  1. Jan Rokkjær says:

    Great information thanks i just missed a link to information on how to integrate it and maybe a wordpress plugin

  2. Motoring PRO says:

    We need the Google+ comment box. I`ve been using the Facebook Comment Box on a few of my websites. It can really do wonders. Come on Google…

  3. Aaron Hemmelgarn says:

    Do we have an update on this article, has Google+ implemented comment plugins for external sites and blogs? Also, who wrote this article, I see no editor? Rel=Auth?

  4. Narender says:

    Seems Google is trying to make”Googe+” a better Social Networking Site. BTW Nice to see a new battle between Google And Facebook. One of my friend have implemented Google Plus Commenting system but he is facing some problems.

  5. IamRobin says:

    its a realy great feature by google to use Google+ comment it makes blogger more social its easy to use. the facebook comment system is already avilable. now we can use both at same time, thanks for sharing.
    happy Blogging :)

  6. Hamza says:

    Google+ comments are good but wordpress plugins like commentluv also increases your engagement and boosts your author rank but people should use Google+ comment system.

  7. Joe Osborne says:

    This is best to use Google+ Embed plugin because it boots the authority of website, but in social media, many lot of people are active on Facebook, so we do not ignore Facebook embed plugin as well, there are many plugins in market that do same job for multiple social media channels. Thanks for sharing information.

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