New Google Adsense Large Skyscraper 300×600 Half Page Ads

Google AdSense launched the much awaited large skyscraper 300×600 half page ad units for all Google AdSense publishers. These Google AdSense advertisements are so large in size that they are called half page ads. On popular news media sites you would have observed these extra large ad sizes in sidebars are getting popular over the last year.

Large Skyscraper 300×600 Adsense Ads

These large skyscraper units are live in our AdSense account right now. We placed these large ad units in our sidebar. See how they look.

large skyscraper ads

Right now it is full of text advertisements only. Some ad links are also visible at times. Hopefully, as AdSense gets more image ads inventory and as this ad size becomes popular across websites, more image ads will compete and  become visible.

Why Half Page Ads? Google AdSense claims that such large ad units are getting popular, allow advertisers to get better engagement with the advertisement and to get their message across to the target audience effectively.  Google had recently released the Display Business Trends, which revealed that the 300×600 is one of the fastest growing premium ad unit sizes, and was particularly favoured by brand advertisers for creating a visual impact.

300x600 ad

Where will you place such a huge ad unit? These ad units are not called half page ads just like that. Obviously the current placement is suitable in the sidebar of websites and blogs. Currently wherever you place the 300×250 medium rectangle ad unit, it can be replaced by these huge large skyscraper 300×600 ad units. Remember that these ad units need a lot of space, and an above the fold placement will push a lot of content in the sidebar below the fold.

It would be interesting to observe how Webmasters choose to integrate these large advertisements into their websites.  What are your thoughts about using this ad unit size?

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9 comments on “New Google Adsense Large Skyscraper 300×600 Half Page Ads

  1. Mahesh Verma says:

    its good news from google adsense side. and thanks for sharing this information. :)

  2. Niyas says:

    I just implemented it on my sidebar below the social widget. Let’s see how it performs ;)

  3. Dr Kavita Shaikh says:

    Looking at the amount of real estate that these half page ads are gobbling up, there seems to be no other option than the sidebar for placement. But maybe publishers could place it within the post and wrap the content around it.

  4. korex says:

    thank God more money

  5. salman says:

    It is a big money making machine .

  6. Ankur says:

    once again a great post.!!
    and i use this adsense code this is good for incresing adsense revenue.!

  7. ranga says:

    how to place the google adsense ad after the title,generally it comes after post


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