The WordPress Music Video by Devin Reams


The WordPress blogging community has a dedicated group of WordPress users who truly love WordPress. If you liked spreading wordpress love with I [heart] WordPress logos, another WordPress fan Devin Reams has created a WordPress song titled “Its Called WordPress“.

You can view the music video on his site and even download the mp3 (also available as .rar). Some of the lyrics to get you motivated…

“Welcome to my story bout my, CMS
Itís an awesome piece of software, itís called WordPress
It manages my blog, it makes it look real nice
I installed in in 5 minutes, this things slicker than ice
All I had to do, was click on Next
Within seconds I was running, no room to get vexed”

If you liked that, Devin Reams is the same guy who earlier created a 9rules music video. Just brought back memories of the Blogger Anthem. What is your WordPress song?

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