New Features in WordPress 2.7


WordPress 2.7 is the next major WordPress version and there are some cool new features in the works to make WordPress an even more enjoyable blogging experience. Need a sneak peek…

WordPress 2.7 is Coming

Check out the new features planned in WordPress 2.7 – here are a few interesting ones..

  • Comments API – would really let developers go creative and create new commenting power options.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation – will make comment management faster. Though I recommend you try WP Ajax Edit Comments for some nifty comment management.
  • Theme update api - Plugin update management has become real easy by the plugin update API. With the official wordpress theme directory powering more wordpress themes now, a new theme version update is welcome.
  • Dashboard and write box rearranging – aka netvibes style. My own custom dashboard with boxes and stuff wherever I want is cool.
  • Admin-only reply thing – for admin replies to comments is easy to customize via CSS anyday. But coded into comments is great.
  • Sitemaps by default – though the sitemaps plugin does a great job, default sitemaps would help most bloggers get better site indexing by search engines.
  • Comment threading – some people like it and use the threaded plugin, but not for everyone.
  • Batch editing of posts – now we are talking some powerful stuff. Batch Categories can do some powerful category management for you too.

Prepare for WordPress 2.7 and track new features and bug fixes in works on WordPress Trac. But WordPress 2.6.1 is preparing for release before that. Download the current WordPress 2.6 and enjoy some really cool features.


5 comments on “New Features in WordPress 2.7

  1. Michael says:

    The default sitemaps is the only thing I’m excited about. Any time WordPress lets me get rid of a plugin I’m happy.

  2. Blogs DNA says:

    Thanks for sharing i didn’t even know WordPress 2.7 is already in development mode.

  3. charles says:

    Thanks for informing me and i will try to use wordpress now since they have default sitemap and i want to use it. My posts are not read by google and hope i could do something out of it.

    Thank you

  4. Gravity says:

    wow. seems pretty awesome, cant wait for the release.

  5. says:

    btw, you can just try wp 2.7 on my blog: Use “test” as your password and username

    this is very new, wp2.7 on my blog is prototype version. only few blogger has copy of it, include me. check it out guys!!!!

    check it out about wp. 27, online live wordpress, just at my blog!!!

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