How to Fix Farmville Out of Sync Errors

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How can you fix Farmville “Out of Sync” errors which force you to refresh and lose unsaved Farmville game data which in turn makes you redo all the moves again. Farmville is one of the most popular games on Facebook and we are also Farmville addicts bugged by the Out of Sync errors often.


Farmville “Out of Sync”

Here are some common causes which ‘may’ cause these Out of Sync errors and here are some ‘possible ways’ to fix and avoid these “Out of Sync” Errors.

1. Dont Open Farmville in Multiple Tabs / Windows – As the game progresses, we tend to open multiple Farmville in multiple tabs and windows which causes the game to get out of sync in one of these tabs if it fails to refresh and keep track with changes in the other tab. So keep only one window or tab open and this will be avoided. This is more prone to occur with Farmville players with extra large farms with hundreds of animals, trees and crops which requires more syncing by the Farmville servers. You can also play on and not necessarily on the Farmville Facebook app, so keep either one of them open only.

2. Use fast broadband internet connection –  Farmville involves lot of data transfer, and if your connection keeps dropping packets, is slow and unable to sync fast enough with their servers as you hurriedly plant crops, you will get the out of sync errors. Try to fix your DNS to Google public DNS or Open DNS for better results.

3. Clear browser cache – Sometimes your inefficient browser cache can confuse Farmville with an outdated cache copy and cause out of sync errors. If refreshing / reloading Farmville does not work, delete your cache, restart your browser and you should be fine.

4. Update your Flash Player – Many times your browser flash player is outdated and unable to cope with the Farmville server refreshes and its latest version. You can visit the Adobe site, and download latest Flash player for your browser and enjoy Farmville.

5. Farmville is Beta – have you noticed the big “beta”  beside the Farmville logo, well it is meant to signify that Farmville acknowledges that there still might be bugs and they are considering feedback of users to improve the game.

These are some common causes we believe may be causing the Out of Sync errors, they may or may not work for you but definitely worth a try.


91 comments on “How to Fix Farmville Out of Sync Errors

  1. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says:

    All re talking about Farmville but i have’nt used yet..

    • Karen O'Brien says:

      Iam trying to get into farmville and Ithink it was blocked by accident,and would really like it if I can get back into it.Can you help me.My husband even tried,and he has my photo on all the other stuff for invite but not on farmville.want to get back into it.I am stuck can you help??? Thank you.

      • lisa says:

        go to facebook home page then go to account then go to privacy settings , then go to applications and website,then go to blocked applications and then unblock farmville. sounds alot but its very easy. : ))

  2. Melinda says:

    why doesn’t the delete button work?

  3. nadz bernal says:

    hello. i am having a problem with my farmville…it is always out of sync…but whenever my son plays his farmville, he could access without any problem, using the same computer and internet connection. please help me. can you repair or do something about my farmville account rightaway?? i do hope so… thanks.

    • lhenn says:

      were the same problem how can i fix my farmville too…grrrr….

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Just wanted you to know your not alone on Feb. 14 my farm went crazy and is out of sync,sometimes I can get in and plow a few things like my roses that wilted and the pop always comes up, my husband is able to get onto his farm using the same computer and to even visit my farm, but when I try its always the same thing. wouldn’t you know I find something I like to do and enjoy it now its all messed up. I can’t get to my gifts or do anything , have done all the quick fixes that the zynga site told me to do and nothing could someone please help since I know the problem is on your end. Thank you

      • Rose says:

        same thing here Zynga sent me goodsync and said it had detailed info to fix the problem ….boy was that a joke. I have had several people who actually know a thing or two about computers try to make the goodsync program work with no luck if you find something please let me know.

      • judy tabor says:

        On the day the stables came out, I saw that I had the option to send a carnival float to my friends using 20,000 coin. Normally, you can only use the “send” feature by using farmville $. I thought, “this is really neat” so I decided to send my granddaughter and another young boy who both love Farmville the floats. Their farms went out of sync immediately and neither of them have been able to stay on their farms for more than about 30 seconds because it goes out of sync. I have sent a jillion emails to Zynga support explaining in detail that I believe the option to send the float using coin was a glitch and caused their farms to go out of sync. When my sister asked me how I was able to do it, I went back to my farm and the option to use coin to send the gift was no longer available to me in the market. I know the option was available on more farms than mine because Farmville Freak published the page showing the option to use coin to send a few of the items in the market. Unfortunately, on the same day, I had also put 99 Farmville $ in my granddaughter’s account and also sent her the pink pony using Farmville $. She hasn’t been able to enjoy any of it.

    • Rose says:

      Have all of you complained to zynga? I have they need to know.

    • Michelle says:

      I have been looking all over the place on behalf of my mother for the answer to the “Out of Sync” mystery. She has not been able to log into her farm for about two weeks now. I have been looking for answers for her and I have even logged in under her name to see if the problem is with her internet/computer/whatever. I live in another city with a different make of computer and a different internet provider so I can safely say it is not computer/internet. I also play Farmville and I log in and play with no problem so it is specific to her account. I have told her that she is not alone and I told her about the 877 pages of complaints in the forums for Farmville but she still is so disappointed.

    • Karen O'Brien says:

      was accidently blocked.would like to get back in hope someone can help me,tried everything.

      • 2010 Costume says:

        Karen, someone responded above telling you how to do it. Basically, you access your privacy options and allow Farmville back. Hope this helps and you’re off farming soon…

  4. Scott Allison says:

    For the past few days I have been getting “Out of Sync” errors when ever I go into farmville on Facebook. My wife was able to do this on her account. Every time I go into farmville it gives me this error so I have not been able to do anything. I did a few times but what I did was erased because this dialog came up and when the page was refreshed everything was lost and reset to how it was. I am not sure what to do about my account.

    • zejna says:

      Same problem.Any solution ?


      • pierre says:

        i tried what they are saying. still dont work.. oufffffff…

        • Sandra Pacaccio says:

          I tried also, but it still doesn’t work. This is the third day of no Farmville and they want to know why my crops are withering? No surprise.

        • Ilan says:

          Same think, tried EVERY EVERYTHING including 3 other computers, all other games are fine Just my farm is out of syncccccc


        • Matheus Filipe says:

          I have the same problem!
          Any solution???

  5. Beepers says:

    same problem here. i’m seriously distressed! i want my farm back!

    • nana says:

      same problem here, it is very disappointing to know that your farm is not being care for, and you are losing all you crops that you bought with coins that takes a while to collect. i cannot get into my farm either. sad!

  6. urfan says:

    hi, exactly the same issue my son can play it but i cant i think its to do with me have so many things and being on a higher level then him but my account is like frozen and my PLANTS HAVE WITHERED!!!! ;( so lost xp and money and time as i was having a XP battle with my friends!!!! ;(

    i have tried all the above things but it still does not work please reslove this issue asap!!!!!

    Not a happy farmer !!!!

    • jan says:

      I thought I was the only one, havent been able to load up for three days now…seriously going through withdrawl

  7. kiran says:

    its really depressing when i cant play farmville .since three day i am not ale to play all my plants are gone

  8. maria christina cantiga says:

    hi, i have same problem with them , i can’t reload my farm in 4 day please help us to save our farm, i’m really upset

  9. sandra says:

    its been 3 days for me since the sync message, I can access my other account fine , I also read to delete some of neighbors to see if that helps, but to no avail!
    I want my farm back , im level 63 , was in compitetion with my friends , now they are way ahead of me. Im so angry at this game right now!!

  10. ViHoang says:

    I also cant play farmvile 3 day aready , please help us.

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