Top 10 Free Web Apps To Replace Your Software

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Here are 10 useful Web Apps to replace computer software. The greatest part of using web applications is that your hard drive will not get bogged down with a large amount of downloads.

Plus, most web applications are free, saving you or your business a great deal of money. So, whether you need image editing software, storage space, to convert files, or more, try out some of the most popular web applications available below.


Top Free Web Apps

  1. – You can use Photoshop without having to pay for or download Adobe’s Photoshop. This web application has 2GB of memory for you to save your edited photos.
  2. – You can save up to 25 GB of files, photos, and documents forever with this application. Skydrive is an online storage service from Microsoft and it doesn’t cost a thing.
  3. Screen Toaster – Share and save online activity with Screen Toaster with the click of a button. You never have to download a program. Simply hit the stop button and watch.
  4. Truveo – You can find and play videos from all of your favorite video sites like Youtube and with this search engine from AOL. Truveo will even index clips from entertainment and news websites.
  5. Iterasi – This web application will save a website just as it is for your future viewing. With just a click, you can check out your saved content that may not even exist on the web any longer.
  6. – Lets you update all of your social network sites, emails, blogging, and IM at the same time. You simply send your message to and the message will be delivered for you.
  7. Animoto – Turns your pictures into a movie so that they are even more interesting to watch. No downloading or fee required.
  8. RescueTime – This program will keep track of the time you spend on your computer and online. You don’t need to input anything. All of the time tracking is done automatically.
  9. Sumo Paint – With this web application, you can create images from scratch as well as edit photos. It even supports layers. When you are done, you can save your images online or on your computer.
  10. Zamzar – Allows you to convert your image and video files from one format to another. You don’t even need to download the program.

Of course some of these programs are just for fun, so if you  need to save time for your business, beware! you might get caught up watching too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy instead of getting that poster printing design finished.

Guest author Karan Goel is a 16 year old blogger who blogs on about free web apps, free software and other stuff related to computers and the Internet. You can follow him @GeekZu.  Image credits to crystaljingsr under CC license. Do guest blogging here and showcase your favorite web apps.

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8 comments on “Top 10 Free Web Apps To Replace Your Software

  1. SQL training says:

    Those are really some great online software that can be used in place of the offline ones. I use many of these most of the times

  2. Karan says:


    You are looking at the wrong tool. The correct one is Iterasi’s Page Notary Tool.


  3. Julian says:

    i think there are full family of Adobe (not only Photoshop) that could be used for FREE and doesn’t need installation (stay-alone)

  4. Karan says:


    Actually, there is a free alternative to almost every paid software in the world. The only thing you need is the ability to find it.


  5. Editor, QOT says:

    Thats well said Karan, but is the difficult part also to find the best ones.

  6. Karan says:

    Yes, and that’s where “WE” come to play! :)

  7. Brian - Timesheet software - Logan says:

    There is some nice tools in this list.

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