Amazon Prime Air Drones Will Deliver Products in 30 Minutes!

Amazon wants to deliver goods faster. Amazon Prime Air might just be the new service where drones air drop products in 30 minutes flat!


Faster than a Domino’s pizza, it is sure to revolutionize the way Amazon (or other merchants) might deliver products to your doorstep from the nearest warehouse within a short time frame for a few dollars more.

Amazon Prime Air

amazon prime air

This is the future. Customers can choose the Prime Air 30 Minute delivery options and the Air drones will grab the  product from the Amazon store and air lift to your home in 30 minutes! How cool is that.

Have you seen the Amazon Prime Air drones flying in your neighborhood. These amazing flying machines can hold 5 pound special boxes and fly around delivering them. I wonder how they control these drones – maybe they just track the address and reach via GPS.

amazon prime air drones

Watch this video and get surprised.

What I wonder is when this gets popular you could look up and see hundreds of drones buzzing around, crashing and I wonder if its a 30 minutes or free deal!

24 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Air Drones Will Deliver Products in 30 Minutes!”

  1. I can imagine how kinds are going to be creative to get these drones grounded if that thing ever launches in India.

  2. This is pretty impressive. However, I don’t like how the item is just left out in the open like that. I guess if you know it’s coming, then you can be on the lookout so that no one else grabs it.

    I wonder if this going to be a part of Amazon Prime or will there be an additional fee?

    1. I was in the US and it was amazed to see the postal service leaves large boxes outside locked houses, and its so safe that no wants to steal the boxes.

  3. Hey,
    This new Prime Air option from Amazon is truly amazing indeed. It’s faster and even user-friendly too. I like it and people would likely to opt for Amazon more due to this unique facility of using drone to receive their products at a much faster rate. Thanks for the share and keep it up Amazon!


  4. It is very nice idea but it is not yet approved by government. Government approval is needed to use these drones for commercial purpose and official said it may take 1 – 2 years more.

  5. Amazon prime Air Drone is a nice idea. Amazon try to give the faster shipping service and try to attract the clients.

  6. I don’t think its a great thing… Probably people can consider it to be a gift that they can keep along with the product they ordered.
    The world is full of craziness … :P

  7. lolzzz… its seems to b realy great.. it will b like a pizza dilivery .. “we ll at ur door in 30 minutes”… eagerly waiting to see this happening…

  8. hehehehe…. i love online shopping and its really great that i dont have to wait days or week fr my goods to b deliverd.. thumgs up AMAZON…. :)

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