The Domain Name Every Expert Guru Needs

Are you an expert Guru in your niche, then buy .GURU domain names and show off you expertise to the world. As ICANN gradually opens new domain names, website owners can look forward to new domain names beside .com, .net and org’s. While personal domain names like .name or .me were good, .guru promises a new level altogether.


Buy .GURU domain names

Recently domain names like .luxury, .uno, .build and .menu domain names became available for domain registration. This round opens up new domain names like .BIKE, .CLOTHING, .GURU, .HOLDINGS, .PLUMBING, .SINGLES, and .VENTURES. And some cool ones expected to come around first week of February are .CAMERA, .EQUIPMENT, .ESTATE, .GALLERY, .GRAPHICS, .LIGHTING and .PHOTOGRAPHY.

the guruSo why is the guru domain name so special? It symbolizes expertise! If you are an outstanding expert on a particular topic, this is the domain name for you.

While guru typically reminds you of the movie The Guru, it gives the expert a leadership status. So if you manage to grab name like or, imagine the amazing tech and tutorial website you can develop around it. Just before you get that idea, Apple has already grabbed those domain names.

But there is an endless list you can think of –,,, … It is important to be careful not to register trademarks, and get into lawsuits with big companies.

New domain names typically pass through a sunrise period allowing brand owners to grab their favorite domain names for a expensive fee and prevent cybersquatting. Even during the pre-registration period, you might get a good deal for $39.99 only with money back offers.

As .guru gets ready to open to the general public for registration on February 4, 2014 with all popular domain name registrars, you will be able to grab your .guru domain for a reasonable price –  but on first come first serve basis. Unleash the .Guru in you.

26 thoughts on “The Domain Name Every Expert Guru Needs”

  1. While guru typically reminds me of the movie The Guru, it gives me a leadership status , so this is realy good for me…..

      1. went back to the old design again, Google Panda is really a pain in the A**.

        I’ve come to live with it and accept that my traffic will never recover. just be content with what I can make now.

  2. your blog was quite interesting,well i found the real meaning of Guru over your blog “Leadership”It is amazing :)
    Thanks for sharing Guru :D

  3. It always sad to see that i can’t get a domain like because they are already taken. However will think of something on technology because thts i write about.

  4. While it’s great to have a new domain name , it could prove to be a doubled edged sword, as everyone and his dog will claim to be gurus and experts, which we all know is not true.

  5. Hi Chandra, Thanks for your insightful input! You are providing everyone to an extremely spectacular opportunity to read critical reviews from this blog about Guru Domain name.

  6. The domain extension is great but I think there will be some disadvantages using uncommon domain extensions.

    Such as uncommon domain names are hard to remember. If a reader only recognizes a brand name, he probably try first. So, I think it is a disadvantage.

    But however, the domain name leads a passion and emphasize there is a guru behind the blog. :p

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