The $5 Computer: Raspberry Pi Zero

By 04-12-2015   Gadgets

Recently Raspberry Pi launched their latest computer called Raspberry Pi Zero, a 5$ computer which promises to change the way even Raspberry devices are used. It is possibly the cheapest computer hardware available in the market and pushes computing costs to a new low.

It features an 1Ghz, Single-core CPU with 512MB RAM. It has a mini HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports, and is powered by Micro USB power. It also features a HAT-compatible 40-pin header and composite video and reset headers.

raspberry pi zero

We have been following the Raspberry Pi computer devices for a long time now. The latest was a Raspberry Pi B which was released sometime back (with a new official case and a new way to make it a tablet!), and while the Raspberry Pi zero is more powerful than the Raspberry Pi A+, it is a shade less powerful than the Raspberry Pi 2.

In fact the Raspberry Pi Zero is so cheap that they circulated free devices with the latest MagPi magazine! The whole ecosystem of raspberry pi accessories are now available in the market. It has become the favourite of DIY lovers who like to use this cheaper computers to hack small projects and create new uses for the device.

With a low-cost, Raspberry Pi Zero promises to enthuse even more enthusiasts to experiment with it. Right now the demand is so much, it seems to be sold out everywhere.

Looking forward to new releases of computers sticks also. Chromebits are also around the corner.


36 comments on “The $5 Computer: Raspberry Pi Zero

  1. Sagor Kundu says:

    Raspberry Pi newly version is very good. I already a user of this. And their rate is also so cheap.

  2. Ravinder Dande says:

    Mini computer only for 5$ thats amazing deal.Can you tell me where i can buy it from

  3. Sarah says:

    I heard about Raspberry Pi Zero few months back. At first, I could not understand what was it. But today while scrolling through your blog, it caught my attention. Really, the technology is crossing all barriers. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  4. Axanta says:

    where can i buy it and does it have a hdmi port .. where is the display port..or is it something like 8086

  5. Megan says:

    Where can I buy this computer? I couldn’t find it for this price. On Amazan, they sell a Raspberry for around 90$ and that’s an used one.

  6. erika blake says:

    this is really a good news that a computer is only in 5 $. in the devoloping countries it is like a wish…

  7. smbconnect says:

    Helpful news…..SMBConnect is an unique and an innovative concept which connects all the SMB’s across the nation along with the entrepreneurs.

  8. Thomas Heinz Fotografie says:

    That Little small thing is so powerful and flexible. I like to do experimental things with the small Partner raspberry Pi :)

  9. zeevols says:

    I think that this product should be offered to people in poor countries.

  10. Fouad says:

    Wow is this for real? Just $5? I guess there must be some other things attached to it. Anyway, how can I get one?

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