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traffic loss pages

Fastest Way to Find Web Pages Losing Traffic

A lot of us hit with Google Panda and Penguin penalties want  a fast reliable way to find web pages losing traffic the most. This helps webmasters identify the web pages losing most traffic currently and thereby fix problems on penalized…

comments captcha

4 Best WordPress Plugins to Stop Comment Spam

Which are the best WordPress comment spam blocking plugins. Probably most of you use the amazing Aksimet plugin which comes bundled with WordPress, but it is not enough to stop hundreds of spam comments on popular blogs, and many slip…

100000 likes chart

We Got 100,000 Facebook Likes!

A big thanks goes out to the amazing QOT community as we cross 100,000 Facebook likes today. It has been a long journey to 100K likes, but the QOT Facebook page has been a popular way for our Facebook page…

https check

HTTPS Secure Sites Will Rank Higher in Search Results

Google has informed webmasters that they now consider HTTPS secure sites as a ranking signal for Google algorithms. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and is a protocol for secure data communication over networks. Usually sites engaged in transfer…

load disqus comments

How to Load Disqus Comments on Click with jQuery

How to load Disqus comment on click and on demand using jQuery? You might want to increase page speed or hide comments to save space to display other interactive elements to increase pageviews. You need to see if this works better…

adsense middle ads

How to Add Adsense Ads Between WordPress Posts

How can you insert Adsense ads between posts on WordPress archives, categories, tags,  index, search and homepages. As you learnt about how to insert Adsense inside articles, inserting between WordPress post summary pages is a little different. While editing your…

optimize legibility

How to Optimize Legibility to Increase Readability of Text

How can you Optimize Legibility to increase readability of your long articles. Online screen reading is an important consideration for web designers as people resort to more reading activities in search of information online. Getting the easiest reading experience is important….

vary accept encoding

How to Add Vary: Accept-Encoding HTTP Header with .htaccess

Its a good idea to set Vary: Accept-Encoding HTTP header response from your server, especially if you display different websites for various user agents and even to define if the caching tool should serve the gzip compressed file or not. First…

spam comments

Separate WordPress Comments to Fix Google Panda Penalty

The real secret why we separated WordPress comments from post content, is to deal with our Google Panda penalties. While our site gets millions of spam comments every year, many comments slip through the spam filters and moderation efforts. The…

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