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chromebook charger

This Chromebook Charges with Mobile Phone Charger!

Did you know you can charge your new Chromebook 11 with a mobile phone charger. This is super as you do not need to carry a separate bulky laptop charger. It also means you can use any charger with the Micro…

office365 personal

Buy Cheaper Microsoft Office 365 Personal at $7/mo

Microsoft has launched a much cheaper version called Microsoft Office 365 Personal Edition that costs just $6.99/month on subscription and $69.99 for a year. After launching the much hyped free Office for iPad, users realized it only allowed read access to these…

chrome crosh

How to Use Tata Photon on Chromebooks

How can you connnect the Tata Photon mobile internet dongle on Chromebooks? After I bought my new Chromebook, I realized it is not possible to install any software, unlike Windows. The Tata Photon dongle requires a small software to be…

Chrome logo

My New HP 14 Chromebook Unboxing [Photos]

So I finally purchased a HP 14 Chromebook and would like to share Chromebook unboxing photos. I  decided to buy Chromebook in India after it became available and my visit to Chromebook store proved useful to get a hands on…

norton product update

How to Get Free Norton Security Software Upgrades

We all live update Norton antivirus definitions, but did you check for a new version for your Norton Antivirus, Internet Security or Norton 360 software! These are free software upgrades, but it will not upgrade automatically like antivirus definitions and…

Bing wallpaper

Download Most Popular Bing Wallpapers 2013

Download the most popular bing homepage images as Desktop Wallpapers and get amazingly beautiful images appreciated by Bing users over 2013. Bing has released these top 10 Bing wallpapers for your use this holiday season, and you can use them…

chrome beta version

Download Google Chrome Beta Browser for New Features

I am sure you use Chrome browser, but you can download Google Chrome Beta browser and get to try new features before they release to the Chrome users at large. There are several new features coming in Chrome which can…

ok google

Use Google Voice Search On Your Desktop

It was bound to happen. Google Voice Search can now be done from your desktop and laptop without clicking any button, directly from the Chrome browser. Similar to how Google Glass users say OK Glass to activate actions, OK Google is…

HP Chromebook 14

Visit to Google Chromebook Store [Photos]

I visited the Google Chromebook outlet in Delhi to check out the new Chromebooks selling in India. Enthused by the fact that we could buy Google Chromebooks in India and Croma was selling them online as well as offline, I…

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