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lanugage learning

35 Best Online Language Learning Resources

Guest post by Goranka. What are the best Online Language Learning resources? Learning a foreign language is an excellent way to add another string to your bow and advance your career. It is also a way to get to know other…

SteelSeries Merc Gaming Keyboard

5 Best Gaming Keyboards for Power Gamers

Power Gamers should buy the best gaming keyboard available. A powerful gaming keyboard  gives you a lot of advantage over other players by allowing you to tap your gaming skills to the max with programmable buttons, macros, anti-ghosting, and  more essential gaming…

Microsoft SideWinder X8 gaming mouse

5 Best Gaming Mouse for Power Gamers

Power Gamers need to buy the best gaming mouse. Powerful gaming mice can give you a lot of advantage over other players as your gaming mice allow you to use your gaming skills to the max with programmable buttons, wireless prowess,…

How to Enable Secure Facebook Browsing

Enable secure Facebook browsing over https for more Facebook security of your Facebook account. When you browse on public internet access areas like internet cafe, libraries etc, there is a huge risk your Facebook login details might be detected by…

Dropbox Wordpress

5 Best Dropbox WordPress Plugins

What are best Dropbox WordPress plugins to integrate Dropbox storage with your WordPress blog. Dropbox provides unique functionality which can be integrated very well into WordPress. Dropbox WordPress Plugins 1. Dropbox CDN – Use your Dropbox ‘Public’ folder as a free…

101 SEO tips

101 Top SEO Tips To Follow

In this article I have jotted down 101 Top SEO tips, that every blogger or site owners should know if they want to reach their niche customers or readers easily and quickly. The list may not be arranged in order….

smartphone screens

10 Types of Smartphone Displays, Touchscreens

There are many different types of displays / touchscreens available across the range of smartphones and it is important that we know about them before buying one. Over last one year smartphones with large smartphone displays and touchscreens have really become…

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog

Guest post by SurajKV. What are the easy ways to promote your blog? When you start a blog, its just you and your blog. Later you ask your handful of friends to visit your blog for fun, then later on you…

6 Awesome But Lesser Known Things on Facebook

Guest post by Saket. Here are some awesome things to do on Facebook, which you might not know. According to latest statistical data, Facebook is now 600 million people strong. This means that if Facebook existed as a country, it…

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