Yahoo! Photomail : Easy Photo Sharing on Yahoo Mail

Yahoo introduced the new Yahoo Photomail service in beta to allow more easy sharing of photos in Yahoo mail. But it works only in Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and requires Windows 2000 or XP.

Send digital photos from your computer, Yahoo! Photos or from Yahoo! Image Search with no need for attachments. Each photo you insert links to a larger version of Yahoo! Photos. That means no big downloads or oversized photos for your friends.

Save the photos you send and receive on Yahoo! Photos. Storage is free and unlimited. Getting started with PhotoMail also installs the Quick Select Tool (1.1MB), making it easier to attach any kind of file.

Yahoo Photomail Gone: Switch to Flickr

Update: Yahoo Photomail is closing down. You might remember that Yahoo! bought a very popular photo sharing service Flickr. This image sharing service is so popular that Yahoo Photos is a parallel competition. Yahoo! has annoounced that PhotoMail is no longer a feature of Yahoo! Mail.

“Were transitioning to our new global photosharing service, Flickr. Part of this transition includes gradually closing Yahoo! Photos and removing PhotoMail from Yahoo! Mail.”

Flickr is an excellent photo sharing tool, and while you try it out check out the Great Flickr tools collection too.

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