Print All Microsoft Word Shortcuts Keys

Want to print all Microsoft Word shortcuts keys? Keyboard shortcut keys make any job easier e.g. CTRL+O opens a new document. This is especially true in case of Microsoft Office Word. If you are a heavy user of text editors like Word, would you not like to print out a list of all possible shortcuts incorporated in Word.

So I tried the following and got a list of 9 pages of Word shortcut keys! Now I type smarter and makes my task easier. The tip described I have tested to work on Office Word 2003.

  1. Open Microsoft Office Word
  2. Drop down menu from Tools>Macro>Macros
  3. In “Macros in” – select from the drop down menu> Word Commands
  4. In the choices presented select> ListCommands
  5. Click Run
  6. From the choices select> Current Menus and keyboard settings.

And the full document opens which has 9 pages of Word keyboard shortcut keys. If you love shortcuts to speed up your work, it is definitely worth a look!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant tip. Needed the German shortcuts…this made it no problem!

  2. Viren says:

    Nice tip. I also need for German Word and it worked.
    However I would like to know the shortcut keys for Excel and Powerpoint in German.
    Could you help me with that.

  3. acer jackson says:

    On microsoft word 2007 it have 11 full pages

    Thank you for the way to find it.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Coolio! I was so frustrated with my German version I was going to give up and install byck my old Office. But you saved the day! =)

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