Xmail Hard Drive : Gmail Free Web Storage

Ever thought of using your gmail email web account as a virual hard drive and free storage space on the web?

Xmail Hard Drive makes this possible by using your gmail email web account as a virual hard drive for web storage and for free! Xmail Hard Drive directly connects with your Gmail account to then turns it into a portable virtual hard drive that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Using your username and password combination, it authenticates with the Gmail servers and connects you to your personal account. Then it allows you to upload files to your Gmail account.

The file is uploaded as an email attachment in the Gmail inbox. This file is encrypted and compressed which enables the user to store more files. The file is saved as an .xmhd file which can be decompressed and re-downloaded through XmailHardDrive.com.

Note: The site was earlier named GmailHardDrive.com which was shut down by Google because the domain name had the term “Gmail” in it which was trademark infringement. The good news is that the new version is backward compatible with the previous GmailHardDrive.com version, so all of your .gmhd files are still supported and any files you uploaded before are retrievable.

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