Download Temptation Blocker : Time Management Tool

I am a great fan of the Age of Empires games and once I get started with the game, hours fly by and I just wish some time management tool could just block that program at a predefined time and let me do top priority projects instead.

Temptation Blocker is a such an effective Time Management Tool. Add the program to block on list of programs you want to block in Temptation Blocker, set the timer for how long you want to block them and then hit the “Get Work Done!” button.

During this blocked time, you can’t access those programs. You also can’t access Temptation Blocker during this time without entering in a random, 32-character string. This acts as a deterrent from you getting to your program before time is up, but it also let’s you access it if you really need to.

Remember, its freeware and for Windows only 98/2000/XP. The comments suggest the users are very happy saving their time with this software. Give it a try.

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