Send Self Destruct SMS Text Messages

StealthText allows you to send a text message safely knowing that it will delete itself from the recipient’s mobile phone as soon as the person has read it!

StealthText is launched by Staellium UK Ltd. Once you send an SMS or text message over a cell phone to someone, it usually stays on the mobile phone messages inbox till they delete it. Personal and confidential messages are not secure and anyone with access to your phone can read them. StealthText is a new technology that allows a message to be viewed only once.

What do you need? A UK registered phone service is essential. Send a SMS from your mobile phone with the text STEALTH to 80880 to receive a link that will download the StealthText applet via a WAP connection. On completion of the registration process you will be charged a fee for a set of text messages.

Since once accessed a message may only be viewed once, this helps to maintain the safety and security of secret and confidential personal text messages.

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