Lynx Text Web Browser for Unix, VMS, Macintosh and Windows

Lynx is a full-featured web browser and runs on a wide variety of platforms, including Unix, VMS, Macintosh and Windows.

Although Lynx does not have the graphics and built-in multimedia capabilities of workstation-based Web browsers (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer), it can access all the same non-graphical information available via the Web. This quick guide can get you started. The most recent lynx download stable release is lynx 2.8.5. For more information, check the main help page as well as the User Guide. The Current developmental version is also available for testing – see the most recent Lynx development source code for Lynx 2.8.6. Lynx is distributed under the GNU Public License. This means it is free for all to use, modify and redistribute as long as it is kept in the public domain.

Lynx Viewer is a web service that allows web authors to see what their pages will look like when viewed with Lynx text-mode web browser. However when I tried to access this tool, I got this error. You need to create a file called delorie.htm on your web server to prove you’re the webmaster.

And if you are still wondering that with the presence of popular web browsers like Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, So who uses Lynx anyway?

– On shell accounts, but not directly connected to the Internet

– The visually impaired for use with their braille / screen reading software.

– Web authors combine Lynx with a text editor to develop complex web-sites and Internet applications.

– Provide

 a menu based, hyperlinked interface to databases,  help files.

Web authoring and Lynx aims to provide web authors with a simple guide to the most essential HTML elements supported by Lynx and by means of descriptions permit them to evaluate Lynx’s behaviour and make decisions on the style of markup they use. Is your site optimized for Lynx, then add a logo to you site. So try Lynx and be part of huge community today.

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