LeapFish Free Domain Name Appraisal Can Find Domain Worth

You have a cool cheap domain name, probably brought from one of the popular domain name registrars like GoDaddy. But if you want to sell your domain name some day, how much is your domain name worth. Get a Domain Name Appraisal.

If you are seriously thinking of selling domain names, then get professional paid domain expert advice at GoDaddy Certified Domain Name Appraisals.

LeapFish provides you with a Free Domain Name Appraisal. They have created a rating system which is based on various factors and ratings called a CVS (Combined Value Score). They have gathered data on thousands of sold domain names to get the Value Multiplier, a magic number you multiply by your CVS by to achieve an estimated value based on historical sales and current domain value used as a guideline in selecting a minimum sale value.

I ran my site through it and got a Combined Value Score: 59 with an Estimated Base Value: $177 and Estimated Actual Value of $5,222 all for a domain name which got a webhosting 2 months back. Well my domain name length score went bad due to the long name. Archives.org score is zero, since they take around 6 months to index websites. They also take into account search results from Google, MSN and Yahoo – well as they index me better, I hope that score improves too.

I was tempted to use another Domain Valuation tool by UrlBuyers to find domain name worth. If you are into form filling, it takes into account Applicable Industry and Focus, Marketability and Brandability. Based on reasonable suggestions, I got $100-$150 value.

Of course you can take expert help from Domain Brokers to buy registered domains you always wanted.

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