Microsoft FlexGo : Removing Financial Barriers to PC Ownership

Microsoft FlexGo is an innovative technology that makes it easier for people with modest incomes in emerging markets to buy a full-featured PC for their families.

Many people in developing countries are unable to afford a new computer since there are several financial barriers to PC ownership. The first is the high entry cost in markets without widely available consumer credit. The second is the often high fixed-monthly loan payments required to finance a PC.

Microsoft FlexGo makes it possible to lower the entry cost of PCs and let people pay for computers as they use them. This technology supports two models today: a pay-as-you-go model enabled by prepaid cards

“An individual purchases a PC by making an initial payment equivalent to one-third of the total cost. A third party financial institution pays the retailer the remaining cost of the PC on the buyer’s behalf.

The buyer agrees to purchase 800 hours of time on their PC at a low hourly rate – they can add time as frequently or as infrequently as they choose and take as long as they need to purchase the hours. The cost of the 800 hours covers the re-payment to the financial institution (including interest).”

or a subscription model with monthly payments.

An individual makes an initial down payment of 20% of the total purchase price. The buyer signs a 24-month contract with the network operator for broadband Internet services. The payments for internet services reimburse the network operator for the balance of the PC cost.

Buy a new PC today. And do not worry about getting a loan, get your PC financed by the new Microsoft FlexGo payment plans.

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