Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Technorati Account

When you post a new article on your blog, when you link to some other blog or some blog links back to you – Technorati is watching and indexing all information about your blog. Technorati does all this automatically, so how can you benefit from signing in for a technorati account. There is much more stuff offered to Technorati members that you need…

1. Claim Your Blog
Claiming you blog entitles you to add and modify your blog listing in Technorati. This is the first step and you need to confirm ownership of your blog. You need to put a little bit of code on your site, ping Technorati and it will verify that it is indeed your blog. And you get your own blog page (our blog)

2. Edit Blog Description
Once you claim your blog, you can configure your blog settings. Set the description to whatever you like. Fill in your target keywords. Tell them what language your blog is about.

3. Tweak Your Profile
All article listings in Technorati have a link to the author of the blog. This link leads to your technorati profile. This displays all your blogs, their tags and lists the top tags you blog about. Create a meaningful profile to show you are a problogger.

4. Add a Photo
Those with a technorati account can add a nice attractive photo of anything they want. In a long list of results for any search term or tag, articles with photos gain prominence, attract the reader and have a higher chance of getting clicked and drive free traffic to your site.

5. Add the Right Tags
How do you find blogs that frequently write about the subjects you care about? Add your tags and get found on the Technorati Blog Finder page. Become a member to add and modify tags. Claiming a blog lets you enable listing your blog in Technorati’s Blog Finder. Choose the right keywords to drive traffic from Technorati. This is the way to get listed in Blogs about Technology.

6. Keep a Watchlist
Members can maintain a watchlist and keep track of your favorite searches. Add some terms or a web page URL to your Watchlist and never miss a single article about your keywords. Get breaking news in the blogosphere as it happens.

7. Track Favourite Blogs
Track the latest posts from your favorite blogs all in one nice interface. You can easily add blogs by entering URLs, or clicking the star in any search result. A nice alternative to your usual RSS feed newsreader. Add us to Technorati Favorites. Try it, you can always remove it.

8. Display All Your Blogs
The profile page gives you an opportunity to display all the blogs you have claimed. Claim all your blogs and help readers find and subscribe to all your blogs. Let them know your multiblogging talents.

9. Put Technorati on your site
Members can put a nice script with a technorati search, their photo, links to technorati profile and a “Blogs that link here link” that shows how many blogs are linking to your site. You can also add the Technorati Favorites widget that shows the last three posts from your favorite blogs, and a handy search box to search your favorite blogs.

10. Blogs by Country
For example, how do you get your blog added to Blogs about Canada. Add the tag Canada in your tag choices and get listed in the Canada blogs. Only members may add a country tag and get listed like this.

I hope you found these reasons beneficial enough to signup a new technorati account now. Learn about better technorati indexing and try these 10 Technorati Hacks to get more from Technorati.


  1. Jack Yan says:

    Great article. I am sure Technorati has helped my blog traffic.

    • samad says:

      Jack Yan , Me too got help from technorati ,My blog got pagerank 2 within 2 months of blogging :)

  2. Bombay Addict says:

    How do I add that “” in my template so that it comes below each and every post ?

    For that matter how do I add that entire list of digg/furl/technorati/del.icio/us as part of my blogger code so that for each post, readers can bookmark it ?

    I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do it (like you’ve done it for

    Appreciate your help. Thanks.

  3. mahmoodjm says:

    its a very usefull article for those who wants to drive free traffic to their blogs and also make money from it.
    thanks for this usefull tips.

  4. webduck says:

    Great article, and very helpful. Thanks!

  5. Dcan says:

    Thank you, great article. I bookmarked to read your other articles as well.

  6. Tony Alaimo says:

    I am new to the blog world, however i’ve had random thoughts for my whole life. The blog world is a great outlet to release them into. I had no clue what technorati was until recently however this is the coolest online rolodex ever! I assume i may never be found with the other 50 million blogs though but thats okay

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    I want to keep Technorati from pulling all my posts. I’ve got a commercial site with customers that posts about 60 items a day. One blog on Technorati is stealing every posting. I’d like for them to stop so that they don’t undermine my clients.

  8. techno_techno says:

    Once you have a Technorati account though, if you change your mind…


  9. James Mann says:

    Just thought I would let you know that I shared your great Benefits of Technorati post with a forum I belong to.

    The post has been sitting there for a month without a response so I did a quick search and guess who popped in front of my face first, YOUR POST. thanks

    I am also giving your post a good Stumble right now. Enjoy.

  10. Ken says:

    I am brand new to blogging, so I found your article on why I should use Technorati to be very informative, thanks!

  11. Hari says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Michael Paynee says:

    Agh, it seems like I’ll never get authority. 0 authority, 0 favorites.

  13. varun says:

    My blog is still not reviewed by them!

  14. Phil @ SEO Philippines says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve heard a lot of technorati but never paid attention to it.

  15. Rahul says:

    If you once joined in it is hard to delete your account.

  16. Arul shaji says:

    i joined in Technorati it helped me to get some good traffic. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful info with us.

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