What is Your Site Yahoo! Webrank?

We all try to check and improve our Google Pagerank by various search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. But lately I came across several tools measuring Yahoo! webrank. Intrigued by this yet another web ranking for websites I looked further…

It seems Yahoo WebRank was basically a rank assigned to a URL by Yahoo on a scale of 0-10 which was introduced as an exprimental feature on the Yahoo toolbar a few years back and now is no longer available as a part of their toolbar.

But the Yahoo Webrank tools which measured it are still around and working. Most sites I checked had reported this feature in early 2004. So sites which were around that time still get a Yahoo webrank when checked by these tools.

Webconfs offers a SEO Tool to check Yahoo pagerank by entering multiple urls and see their Yahoo pageranks together. DigitalPoint has another tool to check any site’s Yahoo! WebRank.

I found this site which has an image of the Yahoo webrank on the Yahoo toolbar and it was called WR (alongside is the Google paegrank green bar callled the PR)

I tried out several urls – Yahoo and Google have a Yahoo webrank of 10, Slashdot is at 9 (Digg is 0), Boing boing is 8 and of course our site is zero! If your site is more than 2 years old, it might still show a Yahoo webrank…

Page Strength is a new concept which is emerging. Meanwhile keep getting advice from a SEO expert to improve your google pagerank.


  1. Dan "Video" phillips says:

    I have tried a few yahoo webrank tools and none of them seem to work and got one that works?

  2. Naveen jain says:

    what is my site webrank?

  3. Archinomy says:

    Is yahoo webrank still working? From where can I check yahoo web rank?

  4. TED says:

    This is all very nice, but where is the widget to check the pagerank…..

  5. Montana says:

    Thanks for the post – I wanted to know if Yahoo had something similar to Google’s PageRank!

  6. Ken Shim, RMT says:

    I tried the tools but none seemed to work. Does that mean I have a webrank of 0?

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