What is Your Site Yahoo! Webrank?

We all try to check and improve our Google Pagerank by various search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. But lately I came across several tools measuring Yahoo! webrank. Intrigued by this yet another web ranking for websites I looked further…

It seems Yahoo WebRank was basically a rank assigned to a URL by Yahoo on a scale of 0-10 which was introduced as an exprimental feature on the Yahoo toolbar a few years back and now is no longer available as a part of their toolbar.

But the Yahoo Webrank tools which measured it are still around and working. Most sites I checked had reported this feature in early 2004. So sites which were around that time still get a Yahoo webrank when checked by these tools.

Webconfs offers a SEO Tool to check Yahoo pagerank by entering multiple urls and see their Yahoo pageranks together. DigitalPoint has another tool to check any site’s Yahoo! WebRank.

I found this site which has an image of the Yahoo webrank on the Yahoo toolbar and it was called WR (alongside is the Google paegrank green bar callled the PR)

I tried out several urls – Yahoo and Google have a Yahoo webrank of 10, Slashdot is at 9 (Digg is 0), Boing boing is 8 and of course our site is zero! If your site is more than 2 years old, it might still show a Yahoo webrank…

Page Strength is a new concept which is emerging. Meanwhile keep getting advice from a SEO expert to improve your google pagerank.

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Dan "Video" phillips
Dan "Video" phillips

I have tried a few yahoo webrank tools and none of them seem to work and got one that works?

Naveen jain
Naveen jain

what is my site webrank?


Is yahoo webrank still working? From where can I check yahoo web rank?


This is all very nice, but where is the widget to check the pagerank…..


Thanks for the post – I wanted to know if Yahoo had something similar to Google’s PageRank!

Ken Shim, RMT
Ken Shim, RMT

I tried the tools but none seemed to work. Does that mean I have a webrank of 0?