Free Moo Flickr Minicards for 10,000 Flickr Pro Users

Is your business card boring? Flickr MiniCards are a set of small, customised calling cards with each card featuring a different photo from the last. Moo MiniCards are ideal for sharing the details of your Flickr photostream, group or image locations, along with email, instant messager, and cellphone info on a high quality card featuring the photos of your choice.

Made from heavy stock paper with a smooth satin finish, they are a cool geeky alternative to your usual printed professional business card. They measure 28mm x 70mm and are roughly half the size of a standard business card.

They are giving away 10,000 free packs of 10 Flickr Minicards to Flickr pro members, as well as offering free international shipping (a saving of $4.99) on all other orders until the end of September. You can incorporate your favourite Flickr pics, add your personal details on the back and get 100 unique colorful business cards for $19.99!

Do you know how to create a great business card for everlasting first impressions.

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